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Welcome here!
This page is dedicated to my interest for RADIO, which is not only my hobby or my profession, but it is also an important part of my life. I am radio amateur and I am radio professional because I am a radio lover.
Therefore, what you'll find here are various and random things and thoughts that are mainly radio related. They are about:

- radio engineering, RF/microwave design (circuits, Spice, etc) and projects ;

- antennas and propagation ;

- QRP ;

- Linux / Android in the shack;

- CW/Morse telegraphy ;

- radio scouting and educational projects ;

- miscellaneous ;

- links and photos .

My steps... or a bit about me

My interest for radio has started at age 11, when I was in the 6th grade of primary school and when I've built my first receiver, a crystal set receiver - which was my first radio project. Later on, I added to this receiver a three stages audio amplifier and a two stages RF amplifier. All stages of the receiver were using, at that time, Germanium transistors. But, radio did help me to discover the world after I have finished building a HF regenerative receiver. With that one I was able to hear short wave radio stations from all over the world. The BBC, Radio Luxembourg, The Voice of America, and many others became my every evening "friends". The "exit gate" to the world was a simple long-wire antenna. Another key-words for that time were: a very good earth ground connection and a Hi-Z phones pair.
I was teenager when I got my amateur radio SWL license, as YO7-6034/AG and when I became member of FRR (Romanian Federation of Radioamateurs). After two years I passed the amateur radio examination and I got the license for the beginner HF class, allowing me to operate a transmitter having a power of maximum 25W (output) on 10, 40, 80, 2 meters and 70 centimeters bands. And in 1982 I got the callsign YO7DAN (my nick-name is Dan), a callsign sounding quite nice in Morse code (CW). Consecutive, during the following years, I got the advanced HF license (100W in all HF+V/UHF bands) and the first class license. Because I moved from Pitesti (which is in the YO7 district) to Bucharest (the YO3 district), my call-sign changed to YO3DAN. In the Autumn of 2005 I've moved to the northern part of The Netherlands, in a beautiful universitary city - Groningen, to serve for several years as Spectrum Manager for the European radioastronomy community. There I got a Dutch call-sign - PA2LA and I became member of VERON.  And the next QTH change was in July 2013 when I moved to The Hague ("Den Haag" in Dutch), a very nice large city to the North Sea.
Further, in August 2014, I've relocated back to Bucharest.
I am also member of the ARRL. My both callsigns, YO3DAN and PA2LA, are active.
I operate mainly in the bands between 160m and 70 cm. Whenever is possible, I enjoy QRP. My favorites modes are SSB and CW, but I'm active in FM and some of the digital modes, too. I am also interested in using open source (hardware and software) and to experiment with all sort of new technologies.
Over the years I've attended hundreds of CEPT and ITU meetings, I've contributed directly or indirectly to various issues related to amateur radio service, but mostly I had the great pleasure to meet many, many other radioamateurs from all over the world, to make some good friends.

My station ....

During the years I've built and I've used many homebrew equipments.
I've also used some commercial equipments as: Sommerkamp FT-277ZD, Yaesu FT-7B or Icom IC-726.
The present configuration of my station includes an Yaesu FT-847 HF/50/144/430 MHz satellite transceiver, accompanied by its FC-20 automatic antenna tuner, an Icom IC-7000 with a LDG AT-7000 automatic tuner and various QRP equipments, as well. For portable/mobile VHF/UHF I (still) use a Standard C500-EX and an Yaesu VX-6E handheld transceivers.
As antennas, on the HF bands, I use a Cushcraft AV-5 vertical (10-15-20-40-80m), a slopped dipole fed with a 300 ohms ladder line or various simple wire antennas. Living in a city environment, there very few practical solutions possible to get on the air.
For VHF/UHF operations I use a Diamond X-200 vertical antenna (2 x 5/8λ @ 145MHz and 4 x 5/8λ @ 435MHz), a 11 elements cross-Yagi for 2m band (satellites), a 10 elements long Yagi for portable in 2m band, 2x19 elements Yagi antenna for 70cm band.
My mobile operations are supported by a Diamond MR-77B 2m/70cm vertical and a Moonraker SPX-300 - a 9 bands (80m-6m) HF based loaded taps coil antenna, both of them having a magnetic mount for the car roof.
For my experiments, I'm using several pieces of measurement equipment, the most important being a KIKUSUI 7201A 4 channels 200 MHz digital oscilloscope.

This is my station  

Bucharest, KN34BK The Hague, JO22DB
Click for Bucharest, Romania Forecast Click for Eelde-Groningen, Netherlands Forecast



Thank you for coming here!

72/73 de Dan YO3DAN - PA2LA

Member of: ARRL, FRR, VERON, G-QRP Club #8703, QRP-L #857, YO-QRP #038, QBC #1355, NAQCC #4932

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