To connect to Super Reflector:

    NOTE: To obtain connection and disconnection codes consult with your local node owner.

    • Key mic

    • Transmit:

      "This is (call sign of operator), connecting to the (Name) Reflector."

    • While keying mic, press in quickly Reflector connection ID four digit code.

    • Unkey mic & WAIT 10 sec. until the Network Message indicates a connection to Reflector.

    • If the Network Message is not heard try again.

    • After Reflector identifies, WAIT and LISTEN to prevent interference with other users.
    • Transmit:
      "This is (call sign of operator) calling from (QTH of operator).
      Is there anyone on frequency who would like to have a brief QSO?"
    • Remember to key mic, pausing 2 to 3 seconds before EACH transmission to allow
      for delays in the system. Call again if no one answers.

    To disconnect from Super Reflector:

    • When multiple Nodes are connected to the Reflector, WAIT for a pause in the conversation,
      before entering the Reflector disconnection ID two digit code.

    • Transmit:
      "This is (call sign of operator) disconnecting from the (Name) Reflector."

    • Keep mic keyed while pressing in quickly the Reflector disconnection ID two digit code.

    • Then unkey mic and WAIT to hear the Network disconnection message.


  • Pause to allow local hams to break in and join the QSO.

  • If in QSO, identify every 5 minutes or more frequently when multiple operators
        are using the Reflector.

    Prepared by:
    Glenna VE7DSC
    Elizabeth VE7TLK/VA7TK


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