YL1WC callsign

Radio Club

University of Engineers for Civil Aviation

YL1WC Radio Club was founded in 1961, in University of Engineers for Civil Aviation, in Riga, Latvia.

One man, who took all initiative and made a lot of things happen for the club is RW3FW (now in Moscow). He was able not only to find time for millions of things, but also to finish them.

Students from almost all faculties were participating this club. Radio station based in one of the old buildings (picture) close by the main building of University. Good place with excellent garden in a yard.

Radio club was a place where people could try their own ideas, build own schemes. All equipment with no exception, including antennas (picture), was a "home made". Members were really interested on implementing all their knowledge from the study into a real life and they had possibilities for this. Ham radio was a great move for it.

During summer of 1992 we were able to make a temporary position in Jurmala. Absolutely lovely town, tourists area. We were located about 150 meters from the sea. Take a look.