Akhmad Ferdinand Lubis, YB4JIM

"Live is sunday morning, a cup of good coffee and GUD DX..."

Hello, and welcome to the home page of Akhmad Ferdinand Lubis, YB4JIM. This page is served to you by the QSL.Net, and it describes some of my interests, hobbies, and recent projects.

My interest are CW, homebrewing antenna, DX, constesting, digital and satellite communication, weather satellite imaging, satellite TV/Radio, photography, and more. I am collecting photoes and write text for my webpage. Please visit again when it done...

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Yasmin make some multiplier for daddy...17Kb
"Ta ta ta ta ta ta!"*

*Babies language means "Papa let me make some multiplier for you!"
~ Yasmin my beloved daugther in the middle of CQWPX/RJ RTTY 11 February 2001.

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Akhmad Ferdinand Lubis (aka Didi)
Amateur Radio Operator: YB4JIM
Palembang 30126 ~ 104,7E - 2,9S
GL:OI27 ~ IOTA: OC-143 ~ CQ 28 ~ ITU 54