To obtain your QSL from me

Please carefully read the following:

  • 1. All QSL Cards are handled by my QSL Manager - Robert C Preston (Bob) - W7TSQ.  If you want  DIRECT QSLs, you will need to send IRCs , greenstamps or both to cover the cost of the postage to your country.  NOTE :    If you have worked me on all bands or modes, and you want a separate card for each QSO, please supply enough greenstamps or IRCs to cover the postage for all the cards to your country. My QSL Manager will only accept any US Dollars.  He cannot accept any currency from other country.  Cards will be returned by buro if any other currency is enclosed.

    2. All cards sent by BURO will be QSLed via the BURO. My QSL Manager will process direct QSLs first and then when the bulk of DIRECT cards are finished he will begin to process the BURO cards.

    3. All cards sent with sufficient postage and a Self Address Envelope will be returned direct, as quickly as my QSL Manager can process them. 

    4. We will do everything possible to avoid sending back a "NOT IN LOG" card. We will check, cross check and look for anything that matches. But we will NOT QSL for a QSO that is not in our logs.

    5. VERY IMPORTANT - we repeat that you MUST send your direct QSLs to the address given below. Cards sent to mistaken address or via the YB buro WILL NOT ANSWER ! 

    Here is the address :

  • Robert C. Preston - W7TSQ

    [email protected]

    809 Cary Rd, Edmonds
    WA 98020


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