Photos Collection

It is me !

Inside the car

Here is my hamshack

That are my antenna system

I'm one of the officer member of ORARI Lokal Kramatjati
( Kramatjati is one of the district area at eastern of Jakarta )
( 1984 to 1986 )

As the operation manager of ORARI Lokal Kramatjati ( 1993 to 1996 )

Inside the work meeting of the ORARI Daerah DKI Jakarta ( 1995 )

In the officers election meeting of the ORARI Daerah DKI Jakarta ( 1998 )

Speaking as the Chief officer of ORARI Lokal Kramatjati
in front of the members of ORARI at my district area
at the chief election party ( 17 October 1999 )

I'am in the National Headquarter of JOTA station ( 1989 )

Support the National Headquarter of JOTA station ( 1991 )

Again in the National HQ of JOTA station ( 1993 )

Together with my Romanian ham radio friends (1994)

With some friends on the rescue boat
from the National Rescuer Headquarter

Operate for my club station YBZCE
( Desember 1986 )

I made many qso's in the 7AK dxpedition
( October 1999 )

Symbol of a good friendship
YBAVK { HA7VK } , YDNFM & me )

Take a time for meeting with ham radio friends

I am in the YEI IOTA dxpedition team
and it's a first IOTA dxpedition to Seribu islands
to get the IOTA # OC 177 ( February 1993 )

Go to the Baturaden , Central Java
for CQWW WPX Contest DXpedition
YE2B ( March 1998 )

On the air with a first 7A preffix made me go
with this team to Semut Kecil Island DXpedition
7AK ( October 1999 )

It's the first page of my first log book

This QSL card made by W7TSQ (qsl manager)

It's another one of my QSL Card

It's my WAS award ( Thanks Bob - W7TSQ )

It's one of my contest awards


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