Hello OMs / YLs

My name is Wisnu Widjaja, and Wisnu is my nick name.
I was born at Jakarta ( the capital city of the Republic of Indonesia ).

I have been licensed in amateur radio since 1984 with my first Novice callsign YDFTD, but until 9 years later I'm very busy with school and does not have much time for the amateur radio activities.

I go to the General class examination and passed it in 1993, and then I got YCFTD

With this class I can make DXing and also have many other bands and modes permitted except for 20 meter and WARC band.

5 Years later ( May 1998 ) I was changed my suffix into AZ and my full callsign change to YCAZ, and then 3 months later I go to the Advance class examination to get the YBAZ

I just started with YBAZ since 1 January 1999

Now, I'm in the last rank of the amateur radio class in Indonesia and I can operate many amateur radio bands and had 500 Watts permitted power.

My interest in the amateur radio activities are DXing, Contest, DXpedition and Digital Mode especially Packet Radio.

When I'm starting to be seriuosly with DXing , I try to get the QSL manager. In September 1998 Bob - W7TSQW7TSQ photowould like to help me and
he is still my best qsl manager until now.

With his help I already got some awards until now : DXCC, Worked All States, IARU Region 3 award, Worked All Indonesia, Jakarta award, etc.


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