The XU7AAZ & XU7AAY Story

Mauro IN3QBR or K7QB and Fabry IN3ZNR are proud to show you these simples photos pages about their Dxpedition in The Kingdom of Cambodia. Last july '99, during a "Frequent Pizza Meeting Program" born the idea to spend the entering in the new millennium from an exotic country including the opportunity to have with us the ham radio gear.

Mauro XU7AAZ (left)  Fabry XU7AAY (Rigth)

Trough the Short Wave and Internet we  contacted several Ham Friends around the World. From the many answers we choicethe letters from Song HL2AQN and Hiro XW2A. They suggested us to go in Cambodia and they will do all the possible to help us to get ham radio license and a  place where to install the radio station. Yeah !!  The all the time dream is becoming  realty.
Cambodia , the country see in many movies , with a fashioning and dark past.