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Take a look at the history of amateur radio. The main reason we have a license and the privilege of amateur radio is public service. I have seen many, many hams lose interest, stop participating, and let their licenses expire. They get into DX or rag chew and after a while that gets old. The equipment goes into the closets and the antennas deteriorate. Those who participate in public service tend to be around for a long time. There is a feeling of accomplishment, pride and satisfaction in public service that helps to spur one’s interest in amateur radio. I hope you can all enjoy the nets, traffic, public service and amateur radio as much as I do.

One of the goals that Juddie KC8CON, as the former Section Traffic Manager, had in the past year was to have more liaisons between the HF nets and the VHF nets. I think this has improved in a few areas – Barbour, Fayette, Marion, Mercer, and Upshur Counties, and the Eastern Panhandle, that I know of. If your area is doing this, please let me know. We need to make more improvements in this project. We need your help. We need members of your local net to check in to the Fone Net, the Midday Net, or the CW Nets to pick up traffic for your area and take it to your local net. Traffic and radiograms may be new and different to you, but they are not that difficult. We can help you. You will find that after a while it is not that difficult. There is training after the WV Fone Net on Mondays. The Midday and Fone Nets are traffic and training nets. That means that after the traffic is passed you may ask questions about traffic, radiograms, nets and the National Traffic System. A quick course on radiograms and traffic, or the complete ARRL NTS Reference Manual may be found on the Internet at www.qsl.net/wvmcares . You may email me with questions at [email protected] .

At this point, I would like to comment on net procedures. The nets have a designated frequency. However a net does not have priority over any other net, group or qso that is on that frequency at net time. Stations are not required to give up the frequency for a net, (although they may). The purpose of the National Traffic System is to train and be prepared to handle traffic in an emergency situation when all other means have failed. If the frequency is in use move down or up the band at least 3 kHz and look for the net. In an emergency situation, your net frequency may not be available. Find the net. This is good training.

Listen to the net to understand what is going on. When checking in give your callsign only. This cuts down on confusion and covering up other stations. When recognized by the net control station (NCS), please keep your comments brief so that traffic may be passed without undue delay. If you have traffic for the net, please advise the NCS during your comment. If you do not have traffic it is not necessary to say, "no traffic" unless you are a representative from another net. Remember, a net does not change or alter the FCC rules; identify at the end of your comment, because in 10 minutes you may not get another opportunity. The NCS will try to start passing traffic during the first 10 to 15 minutes. Out of state traffic will be handled first, then in state, then net reports. Visiting representatives from other nets will be given priority. They have been on at least one other net and probably many more that day. They need to get back to their net or on to the next net. Have your blank radiograms and pencil ready in case there is traffic for your area. "Your area" is the area in which you may make a non-toll phone call. If an emergency is brought to the net, everything is instantly put on hold, and the emergency is handled immediately.

After the traffic has been passed there may be announcements, training, questions or additional comments. Please stay on the net until the net has ended. If you need to leave please ask the NCS to be recorded as "short time". Please do not recheck or ask for informal communications until the traffic is passed. The net is for you, but you must cooperate to make it an orderly, fair and pleasant experience.

This year I would like to see our nets obtain a statewide coverage. Every local area needs to be covered without the use of a repeater or toll call. In an emergency situation there may be no electricity or repeaters. Some areas, that have been pointed out to me, that need more coverage are St. Marys, Moundsville, Doddridge County, Ritchie County, Preston County, Hampshire County, Logan County, Wyoming County, and Berkeley Springs. If you are in one of these areas please participate in one of our nets. If you know someone in one of these areas please ask him or her to participate.

Make up a greeting or message to someone and pass it through one of our nets. Great times for these are birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, holidays, or just anytime. I was greatly pleased by the tremendous response of so many net members to my request for them to send Christmas greetings this December.

In the nets you can have fun, make new friends, keep up on amateur radio happenings, keep up on happenings in the state, perform a public service, help your community, help your county, help your state, help your country, help your fellow man, promote amateur radio and really enjoy amateur radio. Give it a try. I hope you will have as much fun as I have.


Dennis Bombardiere, W8YS-- WV Section Traffic Manager, WV Fone Net Manager, Assistant Section Manager for Northern West Virginia

NEW >>WV Fone Net Roster for January 2004 NEW

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