Some notes about the BDARC repeater

The Beckley repeater's image and coverage map.
145.370 - (100.0)

Here's an Ariel Photo of the Tower Site.

Driving on Harper Road you can see the Tower Site.
Here's an image of the Tower Site while driving on
Harper Road toward Raleigh general Hospital.
(Besure to click the image to see it bigger!)

Here's another view of the Tower Site while driving on
Harper Road toward Downtown Beckley.

(Besure to click the image to see it bigger!)

Here are a couple different views.

Here's an image of the Tower Site from another street.

Here's a view of the 145.370-(100.0)'s antenna.
(I know it's blurry but I had a cheap camera. KB8QEU)

Here ate two photos of the older repeater from inside
the building.

Here are two photos of the New Repeater.

It is a Kenwood 750.
50 watt VHF High Band.

The WV8BD's  145.370-(100.0) Repeater
Coverage Maps.

Below is a plot of the older Vertex 20 watt repeater.
It is plotted at 70% Reliability.

Click image to see full size image.

Here are the plots for the Kenwood 750 50 watt repeater.
They are thumbnailed for clicking to see full size imagery.

The First column depicts the plot ranges in Killmeters from
 the plot's center, and also shows the meters per pixel.
The Second on the right are at 70% reliability plots.
The Third on the right are at 99% reliability plots.

And now a word about "Reliability":

Reliability when pertaining to repeater coverages depicts what percent of the time are you to be able to connect to the repeater. So... at 99% reliability, you most definitely will connect to the repeater. At 70% reliability depicts that at that location, you are able to connect to the repeater almost all the time and in a mobile, whip-flutter will be heard. At a base, 70% means that when you do connect, that your signal may be heard with from very little to a high amount white noise along with your signal. Also, you may hear the same from the repeater.

70% Reliability Plots
99% Reliability Plots
300 KM

200 KM

100 KM
50 KM
25 KM
Eleven 145.370
repeaters found within 200 miles
of Beckley, West Virginia.
= On-Air      = Off-Air      = Testing      = Unknown
Light Green Background represents the selected repeater for center of search.
Light Red Background represents that this repeater is less than SERA's 100 mile co-frequency range limit.
Frequency in
Tone Call Location ST Open
  145.3700 -
100.0 WV8BD Beckley,
Beckley Water Company Tower
W. Va. OPEN 000.0 N ON-AIR
  145.3700 -
WR4RC Lebanon Va. OPEN 077.9 SW ON-AIR
  145.3700 -
  94.8 W4FAR Wilkesboro,
Pores Knob
N. C. OPEN 119.7 S ON-AIR
  145.3700 -
103.5 N8ER Parsons W. Va. OPEN 122.3 NE ON-AIR
  145.3700 -
192.8 KE4YVD Richmond Ky. OPEN 169.7 W ON-AIR
  145.3700 -
WD8RVK Newark Oh. OPEN 170.5 NNW OFF-AIR
  145.3700 -
100.0 W4BAD Durham N. C. OPEN 176.6 SE ON-AIR
  145.3700 -
W4KEV Knoxville Tenn. OPEN 196.4 SW ON-AIR
  145.3700 -
K8YOJ Cincinnati Oh. OPEN 201.8 WNW ON-AIR
  145.3700 -
131.8 WA3WOM New Kensington Penn. OPEN 207.4 NNE ON-AIR
  145.3700 -
123.0 WR4SC Greenville S. C. OPEN 207.5 SSW ON-AIR