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Pioneer Spirit

Pioneer Spirit
Difficulty: 2.5 (Two sites to visit trail walking)
Near Caesar's Creek, Clinton Co, OH

Placed by Flyfisher (

Fair warning:  This letterbox does require use of a GPS Receiver.

Here is my second "Museum and a Hike" quest. This one will enhance your enjoyment of Caesar's Creek State Park.  Plan on a couple hours for this one. You may need topographic maps.  They can be printed from with the coordinates listed here. The main map needed will be centered on the parking coordinates for the second stage mentioned below. Long pants are a good idea.  Some of the adventure is
off trail.  One portion is near a 20 foot drop-off, so be careful with your pets, kids, and spouse. 

For PART 1 of this adventure, go to the Pioneer Village (Free admission) near Caesar's Creek Lake.
Park near N 39 29.161 W 84 02.295. At this location, there is an old Toll House. It has dimensions ______ by ______ according to the sign on the house.
Answer A is the greater of those two dimensions.
Answer A ______

Question B: What year was the house at N 39 29.130 W 84 02.366 built?
Answer B _________

Question C: What is the height of the chimney of the house at N 39 29.190
W 84 02.383 (in feet)?
Answer C __________

Question D: What year was the Inn at N 39 29.203 W 84 02.310 built?
Answer D ______

Multiply A * C Write result here: _______ Subtract 154 from that number.
XXX is the result of this subtraction.
XXX is ________

Add B + D. Write the result here _________ Subtract 2962 from that number
YYY is the result of that subtraction.
YYY is _________

SECOND PART: Go to N 39 31.360 W 83 58.665 and park.
You will need the topographic maps to use the country roads to get to this spot.  Hike to the letterbox at N 39 31.XXX and W 83 58.YYY

You can get to within 50 feet of the cache/letterbox if you follow paths but some of the paths have not been used for several years. Take care with small children. There are big drop offs here and there.  The box is at the base of a large Oak tree.

Enjoy this pretty spot and rest at the end of your quest.

Before you set out read the waiver of responsibility and disclaimer.

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