Flyfisher's Letterboxes
Miami Beach

Miami Beach
Near Belbrook, Greene County, OH
placed 1 September 2002
Geocache-Letterbox combination

Unfortunately this box went missing in October 2002

This is a favorite stopping spot along the Little Miami.  I have been here when scores of canoe families have been sunning themselves, playing with the riffle and jumping off the bank.  Not that I endorse any of this foolishness myself.  If you do play in the water here, note that the water at the far end of the riffle is very deep and there are a lot of broken up trees that one could get caught in underwater!  This is not a place to let kids play unattended. 

What you are looking for is a sandy beach on the east side of the Little Miami, south of the Upper Bellbrook Road bridge and north of the Washington Mill canoe access to the river.  You will know it when you see it.  It always has a difficult little piece of class 2 riffle just upstream.  The tree roots there have tossed many a canoe. 

When you get to the beach, go to the far end, where the river turns directly east.  A path along this edge leads to a road, not 75 yards from the beach.  20 yards before reaching the road, just after climbing what turns out to be the high water bank of the river, is a path off to the left.  Down this path about 15 yards is a many trunked tree on the left side of the path.  It is right on the edge of the high water bank. 

On the far side of the tree, a geocache/letterbox has been tied in place to keep it from floating away. 

Before you set out read the waiver of responsibility and disclaimer.

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