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Mad Mad World
(Stamp Missing, box there)

Mad Mad World
Near Wright Patterson AFB, Greene County, OH
placed 14 Nov 2001
Geocache-Letterbox combination

It was a toss-up whether to name this after the Mad River or "Those Magnificent Men and their Flying Machines." As a fisherman, the river won the day. The Mad River here gets too warm to support trout, like it does in Urbana. I have caught some nice Smallmouth Bass just north of the cache.

Leave a parking lot in the Huffman Metropark as far south and east as you can get.  Follow a GPS to N 39 degrees 48.219 minutes and W 84 degrees, 5.302 minutes. There is a level trail all the way to the cache/letterbox. There is a little broken, rocky ground. Watch your
ankles. Strollers and mountain bikes are possible but difficult because of the trees across the path. The path does not appear to be maintained by the park staff. If you get to a trash barrel you have gone too far.

The cache is equidistant to the parking at the north end of the park, but without waders or a canoe it is a very cold wade in swift 3-foot deep water to get to this cache from the north. From the south it is a breeze up the long peninsula.  For more detail and hints see placename GC26B1 on the website.

The cache/letterbox contains toys for boys and girls of all ages and a MAD stamp! Have fun. If you are there in spring and see someone wading the Mad with a fly rod, stop and ask if it is me. :)

Before you set out read the waiver of responsibility and disclaimer.

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