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Letterboxing North America

(New directions 10/12/02)

Geocache: Letterboxing North America
Near Yellow Springs,  Ohio, Greene County
Difficulty 1 for letterboxers, 3 for first timers 
terrain 2 (A little walking on trails)
Posted 17 November 2001 and 12 Oct 02

This is a hybrid letterbox/geocache where the purpose is introducing geocachers to letterboxing.

Following are similar to the instructions given on the website. Finding this letterbox will require a GPS unit.

This Geocache search will give you a taste of letterboxing. 

Overview: First thing you need to do is go to the website and learn a little about letterboxing. The coordinates for finding this Geocache are in the log book of a 
regular letterbox  hidden in John Bryan Park, the home of the Valley of the Frogs. 

Detail: This is what you do…
1. Get, buy, or make a personal stamp to leave an imprint in the logbook of letterboxes. Making a stamp is really very easy (and addicting,) but no one will fault you if you buy a stamp with a picture that means something to you. You can also have a commercially prepared stamp made. The idea is that the stamp represents something special to you. While you are at it, get a log book to carry with you and record the stamps found in letterboxes.

2. Follow the instructions in the letterboxing website to find franzsolo's Mystery Hiker 2002  letterbox. You will not need your GPS to find this letterbox, but will need to count steps and use a little deductive reasoning.

3. Go to the letterbox, stamp the log there with your stamp and use the stamp there to stamp your letterboxing logbook. (Honor system applies… This is no fun unless you really do the above.) Don't be too disappointed… no toys at this box, just a stamp and log.

4. Get the GPS coordinates written on the inside of the cover of the letterbox log.

5. Go to those GPS coordinates which are in the same park.

The coordinates will take you under the branches of a large Oak tree.  The box, an ammo box, is at the base of that tree.  You need never go more than 10 feet off the public areas of the park to get to this spot.  Please hide the box very again well when you are finished stamping up!

Now for a little surprise… The geocache  is a cache/letterbox hybrid like many of my caches. It contains toys for boys and girls of all ages as well as a stamp and log book. The stamp for this letterbox is a Letterboxing North America stamp I made.

Before you set out read the waiver of responsibility and disclaimer.

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