Flyfisher's Directions for Posting Pictures Easily

A number of people have had difficulty posting pictures on the Kayak Bulletin boards.  There are a number of ways to post a picture.  Two methods are described here.  Regardless of the method the goal is to have a web address of a picture.  Something that looks like

Method 1:

If you have a homepage space available to you in which you can upload pictures, you probably can upload a picture as a *.jpg file.  To use the picture in the post, just copy the full http address of the picture you want to share and put it into the posting form.  If you have used a homepage space all this is likely easy for you.

Method 2:

This is a free way to post pictures on the board.  There are lots of variations and probably lots of sites that you can use.  I have given the directions to one site which several people on the board already use.

- Set up an account with Picture Stage.  I assume you already have an email account somewhere, if not you can create a free yahoo or hot mail account.  Picture stage is at:

You can set up the account with the button on the menu at the top "Sign Up Free".  I personally recommend you use an email account which you can afford to be deluged with spam email.  I use a spamable email for all businesses that request an email address.  You will be given a temporary password in that email account to finish setting up your account. 

Once you have the account set up, you can create an album, and you can upload pictures.  Picture Stage is actually a pretty friendly system.  You can share albums with groups of people by giving them a guest password to your site.  Only the albums you specify are available to them.  You can add music and slideshows and who knows what else. 

Here is the juice:  Once you have a picture uploaded, you can get an http:// address for the picture.  This is precisely what you need to post a picture to the board. 

- open a picture from an album by clicking once on the picture.  A page will open where only that picture is shown.

- now look at the left margin.  Under "Photo Options" the last entry is "Link for Web Page, etc."  Click on that menu entry.

-A window will open called "Establishing a Temporary Link."  Inside the box will be a lot of gobletygook.  Note that it starts with http://.  That is very good.  Click the highlight text button.  Then copy that text into your memory by using <Ctl>C (assuming you are using a PC.) 

Now you can paste that text anywhere you like.  For the picture I was just looking at, the text is:

And if you click on the text here, it will show you a picture of William and myself up on Jig Lake in the Boundary Waters this summer. 

The final step for posting the picture on the board, is to put that text in the box at the bottom of the posting form.  First, highlight the http:// already in the box.  Then you can get the text there by pressing <Ctl>v which is a shortcut for paste.   You should be left with a single http and the text you originally saw on the Establishing a Temporary Link page.  (Note:  Picture Stage will only maintain these links for "a few months"  so they will eventually go away.)

That is all there is to it!  I look forward to your posting pictures.  If anything is unclear about these directions please let me know.  I will strive to make them as easy as possible.



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