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Flying and Fishing

Gone to the place where good letterboxes go,
Gone to the memory zone of trail solvers,
Gone to talks around a campfire and fireplace
Gone forever.

This Letterbox was removed by persons unknown in October of 2002

Flying and Fishing
Near Wright Patterson AFB, Greene County, Ohio
Difficulty 3, two sites, not much walking
Hidden 11/8/2001  Listed 28 Nov 01
Hybrid geocache/letterbox
By Flyfisher ([email protected])

Here is a letterbox that requires you to visit the USAF Museum (free) and use a GPS among the outdoor exhibits.  Plan 2 hours or so to get this one. Fair warning: I believe this one may be nearly impossible unless you or someone with you has a GPSR.

START this fun by going to the USAF Museum.   I'd suggest parking at the small parking lot at N 39 46.974 W 84 06.508. If you have never been to the museum, this is your chance to explore some of the exhibits. It takes about a day to look at the displays inside. For this geocache/letterbox, you will concentrate on the outdoors exhibits where a GPS works.

Question A: What is the tail number (look at the tail) of the aircraft south of N 39 47.016 W 84 06.540?
Question A answer is ____________

Question B: What is the maximum speed in knots of this beast to your south when you are at N 39 47.128 W 84 06.392?
Question B answer is ____________

Question C: What is the wingspan of the aircraft nearest you when you are at N 39 47.161 W 84 06.359?
Question C answer (nearest foot) __________

Question D: Go to N 39 47.041 W 84 06.537. What year was this Tank dedicated?
Question D answer ____________

Calculation: Add A +C: Answer __________
Subtract 60158
Result XXX is ___________

Calculation: Add B + D: Answer ___________
Subtract 1477
Result YYY is ____________

NEXT STEP: Go to the parking coordinates for a nearby park.  
(N 39 47.135 W 84 08.006) and then find the cache at N 39 47.XXX and W 84

Have fun. If you use some common sense (which is not very common) you need not leave the paths until you get within 30 feet of the cache. Hint: When you reach the obstruction on the path, there is a forked tree to the east. The cache is under a small locust tree (thorns)
fifteen feet further east.

Before you set out read the waiver of responsibility and disclaimer.

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