Hints for learning CW





Donít ever write them like._.††† Instead learn the letters by sound, like spoken words.


Try not to write anything except the English letters.


Donít learn letters in patterns (except the numbers).


Donít practice random characters.Instead, practice words and call signs.


Donít get discouraged.Code is a lot like typing, playing piano, and drawing.

Almost everyone can be ďgood enoughĒ if they put in the effort to learn.Donít expect to be perfect or best in the club, and you will not get disappointed.

Donít worry about failing the code.Worrying about that is the teachers job.




Learn letters as you need them to send words.


Skip letters you do not get.Leave a space and move on.You may be able to fill in the space later.


Use a computer tool to have a friend, spouse, or child send you practice code.


Practice a half hour a day and write down your practice time.Grade yourself on effort.

(A if you put in 30 minutes 6 or more days in the week)

(C if you put in 30 minutes 2 or 3 days in the week)

(F if you do the 30 minutes 0 or 1 time in the week)

We will never ask you how you did.(Donít ask your classmates either.)

You can definitely expect to pass the code if you grade yourself as an A for 6 weeks.About half of those self-graded as a C will pass.


Once you know all the characters, spend time with practice QSOs.


Practice on the code until you are comfortable at 7 or 8 words per minute.†††


Learn to expect certain words and donít spend much energy on them.Really concentrate on the key words in QSOs: call signs, names, places, radio type, temperature etc.Questions will be based on those details.


Numorse Standard is available at:




If it is useful to you, pay the shareware fee ($29)

I do not believe there are any limitations on the unregistered program except occasional nag boxes.



Setting up Numorse:


From the top menu bar, choose Settings:

Drill :uncheck the Morse code box and Character sent box, Character Display.I would also uncheck the audible warning.(Only box checked is Visual Warning)

Play:Only boxes checked are Display keypress and Display sent characters

Prosigns:Check only the following:AAAMIMBTKNDNSKIMI


Go to Morse Play by clicking the box that looks like a speaker without a ?

On right, set the slider bars to 15 and the speed you want to practice.Begin with the right bar at 4.We will work up to about 8 before your test.†† In this screen, on the left, if you check the Key box, your friend can send you CW just by typing.It is a great way to practice.If you want to have the computer generate a test QSO, check the QSO button.

This is the best way to practice, writing down the letters on a piece of paper.


If you want to practice with the keyboard, then you can use the Drill button.It looks

Like a speaker with a ? mark.In this mode, a character will be sent, and you will type it.The program will not go on until you type something.OK for the beginning, but quickly you need to get used to not being able to remember a letter and going on anyway.(Donít use this feature after you know most of the characters at nearly 5 words per minute.)


You can also use the program to send yourself a QSO you have written as a text file.