A Course Called Life

1977 Medical School

This course is intended to prepare the student for life here and hereafter. He should gain understanding of the problems of life in the purpose of life. While, in the Beginning, Familiarity with the Creator of Life Is not assumed, the student should quickly develop a close relationship with his preceptor. It will be difficult, if not impossible, to complete the curriculum without numerous tutorials with the Almighty One.


A set of instructions will be given each participant. To make the instructions perfectly clear, several alternate versions will be distributed. It the student would like to personalize this copy, leather covers and graphic designs are available at nominal cost.


At first, the students activities in the course will be fairly directed, but as the course progresses, increasing amounts of responsibility will be placed on the student for his own progress. Also you'll have more and more responsibility to help teach others in the course.


The student may have problems completing assigned work. In such cases, he can be assured that the material or resources necessary to solve the problem are within reach. Problems should be worked through rather than avoided. When sufficient progress has been made, and the student stands approved, a Living Crown will be given as a token of his achievement.


Published in the Christian Medical Fellowship Newsletter


8 February 1977

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