Homebrew Antennas by WS8G

FD 40/80 (Field Day 40 Meter/ 80 Meter Vertical)

This simple antenna is a base loaded vertical built from 1 1/8 inch chain link fence rail. It is 20 feet high and can be erected by one person in about 5 minutes. Cost of materials all available in the hardware store/lumber yard is under $15.


3BV20 (3 Band Vertical for $20)

This antenna is a second antenna project. It is a trapped vertical which works on 10, 15, and 20 meter ham bands. Useful band width on 10 meters is very wide. The traps are built from hand wound coils with a length of coax as the matching capacitors. The antenna can be broken down for portability into what ever lengths are desired by the builder. Mine is in 19 inch lengths which fit in an "under the airliner seat" suitcase with my HF rig.