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Ankeny Wetlands

Ankeny Wetlands
Near Beavercreek, Ohio  Greene County, 
placed 16 November 2001 Number 5

Clues changed 26 August 2002

Challenge: 2 (.5 miles round trip)

East of Beavercreek on Dayton Xenia Road is a small fishing park named after a local family who did well in the sand and gravel business. Parking near the picnic shelter, one can walk down a grassy hill to a trail into the Ankeney Wetlands. Not many locals know of this park. Have fun exploring it. 

The trail was built as an Eagle Scout project by a member of Local troop 71 and is noted as such in a hand made sign mounted at the beginning of the trail. Walk ahead into the wetlands and toward the sound of a babbling brook. 

At the division of the trail, take the left branch where there is a sign post .  A pair of binoculars would be helpful in observing the many marsh birds present. On the November day that I discovered this park, quail were everywhere. 

Cross the footbridge on the path just ahead.  From the end of the bridge it is about 500 feet until you reach the last large trees on the right side.  (1 pace is two steps which is about 5 feet.) At the base of the last large Sycamore tree (upper branches have patches of white) is the box you seek. 

A geocache used to have a clue listed in this letterbox.  That Geocache and its instructions have been changed.


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