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I have been having a ball learning about Phase Shift Keying.  Using anything from a Homebrew Transceiver to a full HF rig, one can hook to a computer with a sound card and get digital right away.  Here are a few lessons I have learned over the last couple weeks:

First, It is easy to hook the speaker connector out of your radio to the line in of your sound card.  Download one of the programs listed below and hook your computer up to see what all the fuss is about.  I think you will have some fun. 

Program: Here is a screen shot of my favorite program (this week)  It is called WinPSK:

In the top panes, you can watch two different conversations playing out.  On the bottom of the screen, you see a waterfall display.  In this example, there are 9 separate conversations going on and you can read any of them without moving a knob on the radio.  It is done by pointing and clicking with the mouse.

RX1 is controlled with left mouse clicks and RX2 is controlled by right mouse clicks.

You can use the mouse to lift call signs and names, etc to put them in the boxes above for automatic generation of certain typing with the function keys in the boxes on the right side of the bottom of the screen. 

Connections:  I tried (unsuccessfully) to buy some simple cables from radio shack for my FT 847.  The 847 has a mini-stereo plug on the back pannel for data.  This was no go for transmitting.  I ended up buying a $25 dollar kit from BucksComm I thought it was well worth the money and they really put a nice kit out.

Finally, you will want to know something about the programs and the mode.  I have several interesting links below.

The official PSK31 homepage

This is a great place to find all the free/share ware programs listed.  Articles on the mode are also present there.

You can't avoid something called, can you?

Another great PSK page, this one hosted by WM2U

And here is a powerpoint presentation I made to the XWARN club in March 2001.

Vry 73s es CUL on the digital modes.

de WS8G (Rick) <><