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2014 Events

Summits on the Air  (SOTA) Activation of Mt. Blue W1/AM-019
Weld, ME

mount blue 1
Bert KB1ZLV,  Sebastian KC1BMY, Thom W1WMG, and Dave KB1FGF 

mt blue 3
Fallen leaves on the trail

mt blue 5
The trail gets rocky and steep

mt blue 7
Abandoned Ranger station

mt blue 9
Stopping for a break

mt blue 13
The trail gets interesting

fire tower
Fire tower on the summit

scenic overlook 2
Foliage on the hills below

Dave, KB1FGF, gives thumbs up

setting up the HF antenna
Looking to the clearing below, where we setup an HF station

sota pole
SOTA pole, outfitted for 40m

dave kb1fgf
Dave takes a turn at the mic

VHF antenna
The VHF/UHF J-Pole

VHF station
Our VHF station - a Yaesu FT2900

mt blue state park
Mt. Blue State Park

mt blue 2
Fall Foliage

mt blue 4
Thom W1WMG and Bert KB1ZLV, take a break

mt blue 6

mt blue 8
Yes, that's Mt. Blue in the distance

mt blue 10
Thom, W1WMG, looks behind after climbing a rock pile

Charlie W1CPS, at the summit

scenic overlook
What a view!

Bert KB1ZLV,  works VHF

Thom, W1WMG, operates VHF from the Fire Tower

solar panels
Solar panels

Tim, KB1HNZ, operates 40m

HF operation
View from above

view from tower
Weather takes a turn for the worse

Charlie, W1CPS, poses by his fan dipole

mt blue sp2
Checking out the view

WSSM visits National Weather Forecast Office for a Balloon Launch
Gray, ME

NWS Gray
National Weather Service, Gray, ME

at the weather office
Margaret shows off some of her weather forecasting models

walking out to the launch site
Walking out to the launch site

margaret releases the balloon
Margaret releases the balloon

weather radar
The radar at sunset

Weather Balloon in its package

at the NWS office in Gray
The WSSM crew takes a tour

balloon launch
The balloon is  filling up

Away she goes!

A curious onlooker

International Lighthouse and Lightship Weekend (ILLW) from West Quoddy Headlight
Lubec, ME

West Quoddy Headlight

Thom, W1WMG, works 20m

Charlie, W1CPS
Charlie, W1CPS, working hard on 17 meters

Charlie and Cindy
Charlie and Cindy

West Quoddy Head Light
The lighthouse up close

Thom W1WMG
Thom operates 40 meters

Cloud bank late Saturday afternoon

foggy morning
Fog bank

The Yaesu FT857d

Andy, a local ham, stops by to visit

Charlie and Thom at the HF station
Charlie works a few more on HF

East Quoddy
East Quoddy Head Light, New Brunswick

Tim, Thom, and Ryan, pose with the WS1SM banner

living room
The Roosevelt's living room

dining room
  The Roosevelt's Dining Room

Ryan, KB1YTR, operates HF on Saturday

Thom , W1WMG, with BuddiPole in the background

The 40m SOTA Pole

w1cps & w1cjs
Ryan visits the 17m station

flag pole
Flag pole

Thom W1WMG
Thom works VHF Sunday morning

operating location on Sunday morning
Gathered around the HF station Sunday

KB1YTR, and others
Ryan talks to Frank, KR1ZAN, on 40m

Cindy at the mic
Cindy makes contacts on HF

Border crossing
Border Crossing

Thom W1WMG and Ryan KB1YTR
Ryan and Thom setup at East Quoddy in New Brunswick

Roosevelt's Campobello
Roosevelt's summer cottage on Campobello

kids room
One of the kids' rooms at the Roosevelt cottage

Roosevelt's Summer Cottage at Campobello
Tim, KB1HNZ, poses in front of the Roosevelt cottage

Penobscot Narrows Bridge
Stopping by to view the Penobscot Narrows Bridge on the way home


Islands on the Air (IOTA) Activation of  Seguin Island

Ft. Popham
Checking out Fort Popham before the boat arrived

Ryan and Sean
Ryan, KB1YTR and Sean, W1GFD chat before the boat arrives

On our way!

kb1hnz and yo9gjy on the boat
Tim, KB1HNZ and Stefania, YO9GJY

passing by Fort Popham
Dave, Bert, and Frank, aboard the Leeward

land sited
Charlie, Sean, Ryan, Bill, and Cindy watch others being rowed ashore

unloading on the beach
Unloading gear on the beach

unloading our gear on the beach
Getting organized

oil house
Oil house

Seguin Island Light
Seguin Island Head Light up close


The BuddiPole setup for 14 MHz

Bert, Dakota, and Sean
Bert, KB1ZLV, Dakota, KB1YYC, and Sean, W1GFD operate 40 meters

Ryan, KB1YTR
Ryan works VHF, and sets up the APRS

Frank and Charlie
Charlie shares his snack

in the light tower
More venture up the tower

on the way back
Good bye Seguin Island

Stefania , YO9GJY, joins us from Romania

Dave packs light

on the boat
Everyone's aboard and ready for the ride

passing by another light house
Bert and Frank admire the view as we pass by another lighthouse

rowing to shore
Rowing to shore

Loading up the tram
Loading up the tram

The Tram
The tram makes its way to the lighthouse

Seguin Island Light
Seguin Island Lighthouse

Stefania poses with the lighthouse

setting up the SOTA pole
Setting up the 40m antenna

yo9gjy operating 20 meters
Stefania works stations on 20 meters

40 meter station
Our IOTA setup

Bill and Willie
Bill, Willie, and Ryan

VHF yagi and fan dipole
Frank, KR1ZAN, operates 15 meters

in the light tower
Several WS1SM team members  wave from the light tower

on the boat
Steve, N1EOE, tells stories on the way back

Passing by a lighthouse on our way back to the mainland

Operating CQWW VHF from Mt. Washington, NH

White Mountains
The White Mountains

W1WMG works 6 meters
Thom works VHF

Cog Railway card
Cog Railway car

Tim KB1HNZ operates 6 meters from the summit
Tim, KB1HNZ, works 6 meters during the contest

the Cog Railway line
Looking down at where the Cog Railway line and Auto Road split off

One of the windows on the Tip Top House
Small window on the "Tip Top" House

Dakota and Emily
Dakota and Emily

Old time radio set in the Observatory museum
Old time radio set in the Observatory museum

Thoms, W1WMG
Thom takes in the view from inside the Observatory

Cog Railway tracks
Cog Railway line disappears into the fog

Cloud roll in

clearing in the clouds
Overlooking the parking lot from the summit

Thom at the mic while the radio gets covered up due to rain

over hill and dale
View of the White Mountains from the summit

Tim KB1HNZ on Mt. Washington
Tim poses with the station

from the roof of the Observatory
From the roof of the Mt. Washington Observatory

Cloud ridge
Cloud bank in the distance

Dalota, KB1YYC and Emily
Dakota calls CQ on 6 meters

Cone of Silence?
Cone of Silence?

Cog Railway
Cog Railway engine

fog bank
Fragile alpine environment

View from the edge of the Auto Road

Summer Fun

summer presentation
Frank introduces our guest speaker during a summer meeting 

summer operating
On the air

Dave, KB1FGF, operates 40 meters
Rick K1OT, CJ KC1AMT, Dave KB1FGF, Ryan KC1BUN, and others

Stefania, operating as W1/YO9GJY
Stefania operates as W1/YO9GJY from Gorham

Sean, W1GFD
Sean, W1GFD, shows off the Hamsphere app on his phone

summer presentation
Frank KR1ZAN, and Steve N1EOE present a slideshow from their trip to the ARRL Centenial Convention, in Hartford

summer operating
Setting up a station to try out new antennas at Wassamki Springs

SOTA pole dipole setup for 40m

ws1sm summer fun
Getting on the air during an informal meeting night

the WS1SM crew
Dave has fun on the air

VE's trying to stay quiet during the exam session in July

after the test
Stefania joins others at the meeting after passing both the Technician and General class exams

2014 Field Day at Wassamki  Springs Campground
Scarborough, ME

Setting up the tower
Thom W1WMG, Joe K1JB, and CJ KC1AMT help with the tower setup

Setting up one of our HF stations
Setting up one of the HF stations

Rick, K1OT, climbs the tower
Rick, K1OT,  makes his way up the tower as pieces of the 40m yagi are guided into place

antenna farm
The WS1SM antenna farm coming together

plane flies by
A look at the Spiderbeam  as a jet flies by

satellite antenna
The VHF/UHF  yagi for satellite operation

Rick, K1OT, completes the assembly
Rick finishes constructing the 40m yagi

a crowd gathers around to work the ISS
A crowd gathers to work and hear the International Space Station

Dana K1RQ and Rick K1OT
Here's Dana K1RQ, and Rick, K1OT, operating from the trailer

The 40m yagi
The 40m yagi

CJ operates VHF
CJ, KC1AMT, operates VHF

Charlie, W1CPS, operates 50 MHz
Charlie, W1CPS, works 6 meters

Sean, W1GDF, sets up his quad copter
Sean sets up his quad copter

The Field Day setup
The information table as seen from the Wassamki Springs entrance

More of the Field Day setup
2 meter yagi

the quad copter takes off
Sean starts the engines

quad copter
The quad copter does a fly-by

Dakota KB1YYC
Dakota operates 15m

Sunset over Field Day

KB1YTR operates into the evening
Ryan operates with his KX3

Ryan, KB1YTR, makes his first of many QSOs on 160 meters!

glow from the trailer
Glow from the trailer as night falls

camp fire
Charlie warms up by the fire

Sean W1GFD
Sean is busy on 15 meters

Thom, W1WMG
Thom operates 20m ssb

Day 2
Field Day site

Satellite software
Satellite software shows an upcoming pass

The tower is raised into place using a rope and pulley

Ryan, KB1YTR, configured a router for networking logs

Rick starts piecing together the 40 meter beam
Here's Rick, K1OT, assembling the 40m yagi

More parts go up
Rick collects more antenna parts

Frank, KR1ZAN, sets up a satellite station
Frank, KR1ZAN, setups a satellite station

TS2000 and satellite software
TS2000 and satellite software

Solar panel
Solar power

Frank, KA1QW, operates 20 meters
Frank, KA1QW, operates 20m ssb

Dana works 40m CW
Dana works a pileup on 40m

Annette cooks franks and burgers
Annette cooks some franks and burgers

Thom W1WMG and Ryan KB1YTR operating
The table display, 

6 meter beam
The 6 meter yagi

Cindy works the ISS
Cindy, W1CJS, works the space station

WS1SM Field Day setup
The whole setup as seen from Saco Street

WSSM banner
WSSM banner and Field Day trailer

quad copter
The quad copter takes off

Rory stops by for some radio time
Rory  takes a turn at the mic

Dana still at it
Dana is still at it

Sean and Dakota
Sean and Dakota work into the night

Dakota still making contacts
Dakota works a pileup on 15m

Dakota still at it on HF

Frank's still working satellite passes
Frank looks for another contact as a satellite is about to pass

Dillon, KC1BCF, visits from the Gorham Fire Department

Frank, KA1QW
Frank takes a nap

Tim, KB1HNZ, takes over on 20m

Rick, K1OT, and Thom, W1WMG
Rick, K1OT, and Thom, W1WMG, operating Sunday morning

Rick, K1OT, begins disassembly
Rick begins to disassemble the 40m yagi

Maine State ARRL Convention

ARRL Convention1
Thom W1WMG talks to a visitor at our booth during the
Maine State ARRL Convention

ARRL Convention 2
Here's Steve KD1O, winner of 3 previous Maine 2 Meter Simplex Challenge Contests.

Summits on the Air (SOTA) Expedition to Pleasant Mountain

The Naples Causeway Sunday morning enroute to Pleasant Mountain
Waiting at the Naples Causeway for the expedition team to catch up

mountain trail continued
Getting steeper

midway point
Taking a break along the trail

More snow!
Contrast of colors with the mountains, snow, and buds on the trees

Charlie poses by a bank of snow
Charlie finds a snowbank

Thom works VHF
Thom works dozens of stations on VHF

VHF pack
The VHF pack

HF setup
The HF setup

Darker skies
More ominous clouds

Charlie at the summit
Charlie takes a break somewhere near the summit

Its a Yurt!

Tim in the chairlift station
Tim works HF from one of the chairlift stations

Mountain trail
Beginning of the trail

Getting there
Crossing one of the ski slopes

Snowy patches
Are we there yet?

Overlooking the lake near the base

Dark skies
Skies darken as a storm approaches

Taking a break
Thom W1WMG and Charlie W1CPS pause along the trail

On the air
Thom calls CQ on simplex

VHF antenna
Portable J-Pole

Charlie makes some VHF contacts
Charlie works VHF with his HT

Summit trail
The hills are alive

Thom works HF
Thom checks out the view while working HF

Charlie searches for DX
Can you hear me now? Charlie, W1CPS, climbs to the top of one of the chairlift towers to improve reception

Field Day Preparation
by Rick, K1OT

Rick K1OT has spent the winter outfitting this utility trailer

Trailer elctronics
Electrical panel and coax hookups

Tower mount1
Rick welds up a steel base plate

Tower mount 3
Here it is fitted to the base of the tower

Side view of the outside

Operating table, chairs, and room for more

Tower mount 2
And it even tilts!

Tower mount 4
Attachment points on the side of the trailer

Winter & Spring Meetings

Tim Hortons Meeting 1
Dave KB1FGF, Charlie W1CPS, Frank KA1QW, Rory KB1PLY, Sebastian KC1BMY, Ryan KB1YTR, and Thom W1WMG

Tim Hortons 3
Sebastian and Thom check out something on YouTube

Tim Hortons 5
Operating 40 meters with an indoor dipole at Tim Hortons

Checking logs
Ryan, Charlie, and Thom check logs for this year's Maine 2 Meter FM Simplex Challenge

WSSM meeting Tim Hortons
Taking pictures

SKYWARN Training
SKYWARN training session in Gorham

Tim Hortons Meeting 2
Frank KA1QW and Dave KB1FGF at one of our 'Informal' meetings at Tim Hortons

Tim Hortons 4
Charlie is stringing the leg of a dipole above the fireplace

Gorham Rec 1
Monthly meeting at Gorham Recreation Department

Willie and Gill
Here's Willie KC1AKU (age 10) and Gil K1LMJ (age 91) at a recent meeting in Gorham

WSSM meeting at Wassamki Springs
The WSSM crew at the first Wassamki Springs meeting in May

Our new banner for Field Day
Our new banner for the Field Day trailer

Amateur Radio Training & VE Session  
South Portland Air National Guard

Students take the exam for their first ham radio license

More of the portable satellite system

A satellite networking station that can provide internet in the field
A satellite communications setup at the ANG

ANG members show off easily deployable equipment 

Dave checks out the VHF and HF equipment

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