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2010-2016 Photo Archives

2010 WSSM Photo Archives
Wassamki Springs Campground - On the Air in Gorham

2012 Photo Archives
SOTA Ossipee Hill - Gorham Founders' Festival - 2012 Field Day - SOTA Mt. Washington - ILLW Wood Island Light - JOTA from Maine Maritime Academy

2014 WSSM Photo Archives
Winter & Spring Meetings - Field Day Preparation - SOTA Pleasant Mountain - Maine State ARRL Convention - Summer Fun - 2014 Field Day - SOTA / CQWW Mt. Washington - IOTA Seguin Island - ILLW West Quoddy - NWS Baloon Launch - SOTA Mt. Blue

2016 Photo Archive
Winter Activities - MS Walk in Portland - 2016 Field Day at Wassamki Springs - Summer Activities - ILLW Portland Head Light - NPOTA Acadia National Park - Fall & Winter Activities
2011 WSSM Photo Archives
Kids Day 2011 - Communicating with Morse Code - Gorham Founders' Festival - 2011 Field Day - ILLW Pemaquid - JOTA Camp Bomazeen - Hilltopping from Bradbury Mountain State Park

2013 WSSM Photo Archives
Kit Building - Informal Meetings - 2013 Field Day - SOTA Mt. Agamenticus - SOTA / CQWW VHF Mt. Washington - ILLW Pemaquid Point - SOTA Douglas Mountain

2015 Photo Archive
Painting at Wassamki Springs Campground - Informal Meetings - Winter Activities - 2015 Field Day - Summer Activities - CQWW VHF from Mt. Washington, NH - ILLW Nubble - Antenna Raising at KC1DFO's - Operating While Abroad - Antenna Raising at Maine Maritime Museum - Winter Activities

2017 Events

Winter & Spring Activities
Emergency Communications Exercise - Saturday, January 28th

Mike KR1MAC, Ryan KB1YTR, Charlie W1CPS, and Tim KB1HNZ operate during a communications exercise at the CCEMA Bunker.

A look at the WS1EC VHF/UHF station

Charlie sends his first message via HF

Frank, Mike, and Ryan look on as Charlie sends a message

Ryan KB1YTR gives Charlie W1CPS some pointers as he learns how to use Winlink Express on HF

Charlie works on sending a second message to KX1EMA

Winter & Spring Activities
Building a 2 Meter Copper Dipole, Stefania operates CQWW WPX from K1OT's station, Farewell to Ryan KB1YTR

Paul and Ben work on the 2 meter copper dipole
Paul KJ6JBH, and Ben KC1HBL, clean up joints for soldering

Charlie and Paul work together on cutting the pipe to the right length

Close up of the 2 meter copper dipole
Fitting the PVC insulator

Stefania K1GJY operates CQWW WPX from K1OT's station

Stefania K1GJY operates CQWW WPX from K1OT's station

The HF station at NWS Gray
The  Kenwood TS 570 at the NWS during a winter SKYWARN activation

Charlie works on the 2 meter copper dipole
Charlie W1CPS, lines up the center section of the copper dipole

Paul and Ryan work on the 2 meter copper dipole
Paul connects the feed line so the antenna could be tuned

Charlie ponders his next move
Charlie ponders his next move

Stefania K1GJY operating CQWW WPX
Stefania works a pileup on 40 meters

WSSM group photo
A farewell sendoff for Ryan KB1YTR, who moved to Minnesota in March


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