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2010-2014 Photo Archives

2010 WSSM Photo Archives
Wassamki Springs Campground - On the Air in Gorham

2012 Photo Archives
SOTA Ossipee Hill - Gorham Founders' Festival - 2012 Field Day - SOTA Mt. Washington - ILLW Wood Island Light - JOTA from Maine Maritime Academy

2014 WSSM Photo Archives
Winter & Spring Meetings - Field Day Preparation - SOTA Pleasant Mountain - Maine State ARRL Convention - Summer Fun - 2014 Field Day - SOTA / CQWW Mt. Washington - IOTA Seguin Island - ILLW West Quoddy - NWS Baloon Launch - SOTA Mt. Blue

2011 WSSM Photo Archives
Kids Day 2011 - Communicating with Morse Code - Gorham Founders' Festival - 2011 Field Day - ILLW Pemaquid - JOTA Camp Bomazeen - Hilltopping from Bradbury Mountain State Park

2013 WSSM Photo Archives
Kit Building - Informal Meetings - 2013 Field Day - SOTA Mt. Agamenticus - SOTA / CQWW VHF Mt. Washington - ILLW Pemaquid Point - SOTA Douglas Mountain

2015 Events

Community Work - Painting at Wassamki Springs Campground
Scarborough, ME

Painting - Jason W1SFS
Jason W1SFS, checks out his work

Painting at Wassamki
Charlie and Thom are having a good time

Thom W1WMG
Thom W1WMG, doesn't like his picture taken

Painting at Wassamki
Ryan, Cindy, Rick, Jason, Frank, and others are busy painting

Painting at Wassamki
Detail work around the basin

Jason W1SFS
Jason applies the final coat

Informal Meetings & Other Things
Panera Bread, Westbrook, ME

Simplex Challenge winners
Simplex Challenge winners, from L to R, include Tim KB1HNZ, Cindy W1CJS, Charlie W1CPS, and Ryan KB1YTR

The rest of the gang
Frank, Ron, Charlie, and Cindy

VE Exam at Weaponcraft
VE Exam at Weaponcraft, in Saco, ME
Panera Bread
Crowd gathered at Panera Bread for a mid winter informal

Ryan learns about vacuum tubes
Ryan learns about vacuum tubes

VE Exam
Another view of the VE Exam at Weaponcraft

Winter Activities
2 Meter FM Simplex Challenge, VE Exam at NWS Gray, SKYWARN Training, Maine State ARRL Convention

Thom W1WMG operates and navigates during the Simplex Challenge

SKYWARN Spotter Training at Gorham Recreation Department

A winter SKYWARN activation

Winter storm
Another winter storm. Another SKYWARN activation

Working the HF net
Working the HF net during a SKYWARN activation

Maine State ARRL Convention
Charlie, Cindy, and Rick at the Maine State ARRL Convention

Ryan, Thom, and Tim
Ryan, Thom, and Tim

VE Exam at NWS Gray
VE Exam at NWS Gray

Snowstorm at NWS Gray during a SKYWARN activation

Thom W1WMG operates during a SKYWARN activation at NWS Gray

Ryan and Thom work on the SKYWARN station
Ryan and Thom work on the WX1GYX station

More work on the station
More work on the station

State Convention
Everyone gathers for a photo at the hamfest

Tim activates SKYWARN net from NWS Gray
Tim KB1HNZ activates a SKYWARN net from NWS Gray


2015 Field Day from Wassamki Springs Campground
Scarborough, ME

Thom and Gill setup the Spiderbeam
Thom and Gill setup the Spiderbeam

FD Setup
Ropes, wires, and fiberglass

HF Setup
One of the HF stations

W1WMG checks out the setup
Thom runs through some final checks

FD setup
Table display and tent

Frank helps rope off the site

CW Trailer
The CW trailer with tower and yagi

Setting up the logging
Ryan helps Joe setup the networked log

The table display
Thom poses with the table display

Random wire
Sebastian, Ryan, and Thom string up a random wire through the trees

Ryan is on the air with his KX3

6 meters
Charlie and Gill attract a crowd

from outside the tent
Looking in

Sam works the GOTA station while Frank looks

GOTA station
The GOTA station

Looking in

Rory hangs the banner
Rory ties up the banner, after attaching the tarp

Putting up the tarps
Rory makes sure nothing will leak

Visit from served agency
A Gorham police officer stops by

Thom and CJ
Talking strategy

Sean and his son
Sean's son gives it a try

40m antenna
The 40 meter beam

Tent ops
The tent aglow

Ryan works the night shift
Ryan takes a break from the action

Tim operates while Dakota logs
Tim and Dakota work overnight

Sean and Ryan operating overnight

Ryan needs another coffee
Ryan needs another coffee

Sean's Yaesu FT-847

Night ops
The night watch

Bert's truck and tarps

6 meter
6 meter mast and  beam

The tent with tarps

W1WMG still at it
Thom still working at day break

standing water

what a difference a day makes
The Spider beam holding up well in the wind

Ryan's still at it
Ryan, still working 40m SSB well into Sunday

Putting together the pieces
Putting together the pieces

Antenna assembly
Adjusting the tension

Outside the tent
View from outside the tent

Almost ready
The Spiderbeam fully assembled

The photographer
Ron takes some pictures

6 meters
Charlie's 6 meter beam

40 meter monobander
The 40m monobander

Plaque Presentation
Cindy and Annette present a plaque and t-shirt to Richard Hillock

Sean tunes up his Harris military radio

Random wire
Working out some kinks

Solar Panel
Solar panel

Charlie and Gil
Charlie and Gill operate 6 meters SSB

FD setup
Clouds are starting to roll in

Dipole in the trees

Tim works HF from the tent

VHF beam
The 2 meter beam

CJ gets on the air
CJ operates HF from the tent

Sean works HF
Sean operates HF from the tent

Thom & CJ
CJ and Thom working HF

Sebastian operates HF around nightfall

The Yaesu FT857

CW trailer
The CW trailer at night

6 meter setup
Charlie still going strong, now with tarps covering his EZ-up

Thom gets on the air for awhile after dark
Thom tries to find a clear frequency to call CQ

Sean W1GFD
Sean still going on 40 meters

The tent aglow
The tent looking cool at night

Thom continues on 20 meters

Tent in the distance
From a distance

Annette and Thom operate HF
Thom and Annette operating before dawn

more tarps
Creative protection from the rain

Trailer and tower
The tower and monobander at dawn

Sleeping quarters
Sleeping quarters

rain rain
Heavy rain

more water
More flooding

Dakota and Thom
Dakota and Thom working SSB

Yes, those are ducks
Yes, those are ducks..

Summer Activities

At the campground
Informal meeting at Steve's camp

operating from the beach
One of our duck friends investigates our SOTA pole

The other end of the 40m dipole

working W1v
Ryan, Ron, Frank, and Thom deep in conversation

Quack Quack

SKYWARN activation
The FT 8900 at NWS Gray

At Steve's camp

W1V special event
Operating the W1V special event from the beach

Bert, Charlie, Peter, and Rory work the W1V station

friendly ducks
The ducks get more brave

K5HS presentation
Frank gives a satellite presentation

SKYWARN activation
Charlie works a SKYWARN activation

CQWW VHF from Mt. Washington, NH

the view from Great Glenn
View of Mt. Washington from Great Glenn

Thom works on the antenna
Securing the mast to the table

Rain guage
Heavy rain begins to fall

view from outside
New operating base

The Volvo
The shack on wheels

Charlie W1CPs works 6 meters
W1CPS calling CQ

Cog Railway
The Cog Railway
Setting up
Assembling the 6 meter beam

Tip Top House
The Clouds roll in

back in the car
Taking shelter in the car

6m antenna
The 6 meter beam anchored to a rock

Charlie works 6 meters from the back

standing water
Flooding near the visitor's center

The summit
Reaching the summit

2015 ILLW from Cape Neddick "Nubble" Lighthouse
York, ME

early morning fog
Early morning fog

antenna setup
Thom works on the SOTA pole

Dakota and Jason on the air
Dakota and Jason on the air

40 meter SOTA pole antenna
The SOTA pole

Dakota and Charlie operate

Thom and Charlie
Thom and Charlie operating

ILLW Nubble
Dakota and Ryan operating SSB

Jason, Thom, and others
Taking a break

Cindy works on her tan
Cindy works on her tan

Charlie, Cindy, and Ryan
Charlie, Cindy, and Ryan operating

Nubble Lighthouse
View from the entrance to Sohier Park

The Buddipole

the station at a glance
Busy making QSOs

Walker's Point
Walker's Point

Setting up the EZ-ups and tables

setting up with nubble in the distance
Antennas in place

ILLW Nubble
Nice day for a lighthouse expedition

ILLW Nubble
Looking toward the lighthouse

Dakota works a pileup

The ILLW setup
View from the parking area

Ryan's KX3 on the air

Charlie, Annette, and others
Charlie says hi

Annette and Ryan
Annette takes the mic

Ryan works a lighthouse in NJ
Ryan works a pileup on 20m

still going strong
Our operating position

afternoon crowd
Crowded day

Plane with a banner
A plane with a banner flies by

at Walker's Point
Posing for a picture at Walker's Point

New England ARRL Convention
Boxboro, MA


K5HS and others check out a satellite setup
Frank K5HS, and others gather around a satellite setup

Operating the W1A special event
Working as W1A from Boxboro

Thom W1WMG operates as W1A from Boxboro
Thom operates as W1A for a while

Foxhunting seminar
Foxhunting Seminar

Satellite demonstration
Satellite demonstration

The remote setup for the W1A station

Tim KB1HNZ operates as W1A from Boxboro
Tim works the station as W1A

Antenna Raising Party at Peter's House, KC1DFO
Dayton, ME

the trench

Thom unravels the antenna
Thom unravels the antenna

Keep going Dave
Just a little farther, Dave

Feed line
Working on the feed line

Peter gives the thumbs up
Peter gives us thumbs up

The other end
Tying the other end off in the woods

Finishing touches
Finishing touches

Tim works HF from one of the chairlift stations

another view of the trench
Better view of the trench

Everyone lends a hand
Everyone lends a hand

up the ladder
Up the ladder

Frank W1FRA and Charlie W1CPS, work on feeding the coax in

Charlie likes climbing things
Charlie likes climbing things

The G5RV Jr in the air
The G5RV Jr in the air

Charlie checks out the station
Charlie checks out the station

Operating while Abroad

Radio Romania antennas
RRI International broadcast antennas

YO9GJY's shack
YO9GJY's shack, in Valea Calugareasca

Yagi on a monopole
Yagi on a monopole in the backyard

Go Petrolul!
Go Petrolul!

HF vertical in foreground, Optibeam
HF vertical in forground - Optibeam on the tower in the background

Operating from Baicoi
Operating as YO/KB1HNZ from Baicoi

Stefania makes adjustments
Stefania makes adjustments

Offices at Mazarom

One of the Mazak machine tools on display
One of the Mazak CNC machines on display


CW keys on display
CW keys on display

National bank as seen from Care cu Bere
National bank as seen from Caru cu Bere

Op Stefania
Op Stefania

VHF antenna
VHF antenna


Optibeam on tower at Baicoi
A closer look at the Optibeam and tower configuration

operating from Baicoi
Operating from Baicoi

This oughta keep your feet warm
This oughta keep your feet warm

A beautifully machined clock


the setup
The setup

Stefania operates from her shack
Stefania on the air from her shack in Valea Calugareasca

Antenna Raising at the Maine Maritime Museum
Bath, ME

Charlie fuses an end of the rope
Charlie fuses an end of the rope

Raising the antenna
tChris, from the museum, wheels a lift into place

Chris takes the lift up

ship model
Ship model

Charlie and Frank work on an end of the antenna
Frank and Charlie work on a tie back

Stefania neatens up the tie back
Stefania neatens up the tie back

antenna in the ceiling
Ropes in place

Frank checks out a spark gap transmitter on display
Frank checks out a spark gap transmitter on display

Signalling display
Signalling display

Charlie and Stefania tie back the rope
Charlie and Stefania tie back the rope

Frank and Charlie finish up
Frank and Charlie finish up

Stefania K1GJY

Winter Activities
SKYWARN Recognition Day, and Cape Elizabeth Preparedness Fair

SKYWARN Recognition Day at NWS Gray

Stefania operates HF as WX1GYX
Stefania operates HF as WX1GYX

Pizza after the presentation
Pizza party followed the presentation

VHF station in a box
VHF station in a box, courtesey of N1SNP


Ready for anything?
Ready for anything?


Jason and Ariel
Jason and Ariel operate VHF and Echolink

Frank chats with some of the visitors
Frank chats with some of the visitors

The trusty Buddipole gets some winter use

Mark, N1SNP

VHF antenna
VHF antenna mounted to a sign post

Stefania works HF
Stefania works HF



Wireless Society of Southern Maine , P.O. Box 6833,   Scarborough, ME 04074