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Next SKYWARN® Training Session - TBA
 Thanks to everyone who joined us in Gorham on January 22nd!

a volunteer program with nearly 290,000 trained severe weather spotters across the country. These volunteers help keep their local communities safe by providing timely and accurate reports of severe weather to the National Weather Service.

To ensure a network of knowledgeable volunteers and accurate reporting, those who are interested in becoming spotters are asked to attend a training session provided by a local office of the National Weather Service. SKYWARN®  training is provided free of charge and typically covers these areas:
    • Basics of thunderstorm development
    • Fundamentals of storm structure
    • Identifying potential severe weather features
    • Information to report
    • How to report information
    • Basic severe weather safety
    Training sessions are offered throughout Maine and New Hampshire by the Gray Forecast Office. To keep informed of the latest training dates and locations you can listen for announcements on NOAA Weather Radio, or check the Yankee SKYWARN®  web page.  If you or your group are interested in hosting training in your area, please contact SKYWARN Spotter Coordinator, Mike Cempa, at:

    SKYWARN Training at Gorham Recreation

    Click here to download the presentation from the SKYWARN Strategy Meeting, held on December 6th, 2014.

    Click here to download the presentation from the SKYWARN Strategy Meeting, held on December 5th, 2015.

    Click here to download Mike Kitsner's Winter SKYWARN presentation from the January 2015 training.

    Click here to download the current SKYWARN Contact List.

    Resources for Spotters

    Click on the buttons below to download helpful documents such as the SKYWARN Spotter Guide, and more.

     SKYWARN Spotter Guide  Storms Ahead   Turn Around   Flood Safety Guide

    SKYWARN®.orgSpotter Training SlidesLightning Safety
    NWS Threat AssessmentHailEstimating Wind Speeds
    SPC Convective OutlooksSKYWARN Refresher Training (NWS Taunton)Fujita Scale
    Types of ThunderstormsSKYWARN Online Refresher Training Quiz Tornado Guide

    To report severe weather, contact WX1GYX, submit online or call the SKYWARN Spotter Hotline at: 1 (800) 482-0913

    Resources for Net Control Stations

    Master Net Control operators at the WX1GYX station in Gray, and Regional Net Control or Coordinators, should become familiar with the following documents. The most important of these are the updated Operations Manual and SKYWARN Network flow chart. If you're interested in volunteering, please contact the SKYWARN Amateur Radio Coordinator, Tom Berman N1KTA, at:

    SKYWARN Operations Manual  Severe Weather Report Form   WX1GYX Log Sheet   SKYWARN Network

    Resources for Emergency Managers

    The National Weather Service Forecast Office in Gray has introduced an Emergency Manager's Self-briefing website, which includes a daily briefing slide, updated by 6am and 4:30 pm, and is organized into hazard types, including maps and data. Click here to visit the new EM Home page. 

    NWS Gray Web SiteNortheast River Forecast CenterStorm Prediction Center
    National Hurricane CenterWeather Prediction CenterSpace Weather Prediction Center

    WX1GYX SKYWARN Amateur Radio Station

    The WX1GYX Amateur Radio station at NWS Gray consists of a Yaesu FT8900 for VHF/UHF as well as 50 Mhz operations, and a Kenwood TS570 for HF.  The station is active during formal SKYWARN activations as well as special events such as SKYWARN Appreciation Day.

    WX1GYX Amateur Radio Station

    SKYWARN Frequencies

    During severe weather and SKYWARN® activations, spotters are encouraged to check the KQ1L system to see if a SKYWARN® representative is taking reports. The official frequencies for SKYWARN activations under WX1GYX are:

    HF Primary (Day): 7277 kHz LSBHF Alternate (Night): 3860 kHz LSBPrimary Repeater: 146.880 (-100) KQ1L Link System
    HF Primary (Night): 3965 kHz LSBPrimary Simplex: 146.550 FMEcholink via: *NEW-ENG* Conference (Node:9123)

    Download the SKYWARN Network flow chart for a complete list of regional subnets which may be requested to activate locally and forward reports to WX1GYX. Hams in the Greater Portland area may check into the 147.090 (+ / 100) or 147.045 (+ / 103.5) repeaters to forward reports when subnets are activated.

    Spotters with DMR capability are encouraged to monitor TS2, Call Group: 3133 Northern New England (NNE), during events.

    Southern New England SKYWARN Frequency List

    SKYWARN Nets

    The Yankee SKYWARN® Net meets every Wednesday evening at 8:00PM local time and every Saturday evening at 7:30PM local time on the KQ1L linked repeater system. 

    Kingdom Weather Net  (Vermont)  -  Monday - Friday at 8:30PM on the Jay Peak repeater (K1JAY 146.745  /  -  100Hz), and Sunday at 5PM on 3933 kHz.   

    Maine NOAA Weather Radio Stations

    Site Name Transmitter Name Call Sign Frequency Power WFO
    Falmouth Blackstrap Hill KDO95 162.550 500 Gray, ME
    Ellsworth Ellsworth KEC93 162.400 1000 Caribou, ME
    Milo Milo KHB54 162.550 1000 Caribou, ME
    Frenchville Frenchville KHB55 162.475 300 Caribou, ME
    Meddybemps Meddybemps KHC47 162.425 300 Caribou, ME
    Greenville Greenville WNG542 162.425 300 Caribou, ME
    Jonesboro (Marine) Jonesboro WNG543 162.450 1000 Caribou, ME
    Sugarloaf Mtn Sugarloaf Mtn WNG547 162.450 300 Gray, ME
    Dresden Blinn Hill WSM60 162.475 300 Gray, ME
    Caribou Mars Hill WXM77 162.525 200 Caribou, ME
    Springfield Lakeville WXN28 162.500 1000 Caribou, ME

    New Hampshire NOAA Weather Radio Stations

    Site Name Transmitter Name Call Sign Frequency Power WFO
    Deerfield Saddleback Mountain KZZ40 162.450 300 Gray, ME
    Mt. Washington Mt. Washington KZZ41 162.500 300 Gray, ME
    Clarksville Ben Young Hill WNG544 162.400 300 Gray, ME
    Holderness Mt. Prospect WNG545 162.550 300 Gray, ME
    Hanover Moose Mountain WNG546 162.525 300 Gray, ME
    Pack Monadnock Peterborough WNG575 162.525 300 Gray, ME
    Concord, NH Plausawa Hill WXJ40 162.400 300 Gray, ME

    NWR Station Listing for Maine NOAA Weather Radio

    Regional SKYWARN Links

    New York
    Maine / NHMaine (Eastern)
    Albany, NY
    251 Fuller Road
    Suite B-300
    Albany, NY 12203

    (518) 435-9580
    Burlington, VT
    1200 Airport Drive
    South Burlington, VT 05407

    (802) 862-2475
    Taunton/ Boston, MA
    445 Myles Standish Blvd.
    Taunton, MA 02780

    (508) 828-2672

    Gray / Portland, ME
    P.O. Box 1208
    1 Weather Lane
    Gray, ME 04039

    (207) 688-3216
    Caribou, ME
    810 Main Street
    Caribou, ME 04736

    (207) 492-0170
    NWS AlbanyNWS BurlingtonNWS TauntonNWS GrayNWS Caribou
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    Mount Washington Observatory
    Current Summit Conditions
    NWS Mt. Washington WX Log
    NWS Higher Summits Forecast

    Current Observations

    GYX Reflectivity Loop  

    Wireless Society of Southern Maine  P.O. Box 6833, Scarborough, ME 04074