"Women Radio Operators Of New England"

The 2013 WRONE Spring Luncheon will be held on Saturday May 4th at 11:30 at DiMillo's on the Water, 25 Long Wharf, Portland, ME. Reservations can be emailed toJudy Harris. or call 508-359-8962. Please include names and calls of those attending. Don't forget your gift exchange and/or raffle gift.
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History Of WRONE

Women Radio Operators of New England was established in 1955. WRONE is an amateur radio club for female radio operators living in the six New England states. The club holds two luncheon meetings anually, on the first Saturday of May and November.


In 1959, several committee meetings were held to design the WRONE certificate. All agreed that it should represent all six New England states. It was decided that the Acorn, Pine Cone and Winter Sports were New England: and so the certificate was designed. MISS WRONE is in the center, with her ACORN head, as there are so many oak trees in New England. Each line of the certificate carries the call letters of the station you have worked to earn it, emphasized by the PINE CONE. MISS WRONE is ice skating, a very common winter sport in New England. The colors of green, brown and gold are used so that they balance out the certificate.

If you are a YL living in one of the six New England states and are interested in joining WRONE, click on the button below to download our application.
Adobe Reader is required to download the application, click on the Adobe link to get Adobe Reader



1. Work 6 WRONE members with at least three different New England states represented. 2. Contacts must be made after May 1, 1959, on any band, EXCEPT contacts on any WRONE NET do not apply and Repeater Contacts do not count. 3. Contacts must be made from one location except Maritime Mobile Stations. The MM"S need only work the specified number of contacts while Maritime Mobile. 4. Applications may be made by sending a list of your 6 contacts showing Call, Frequency, and State. Your list must be certified by an officer of the Radio Club or 2 other hams. ( A certificate list shows the information shown on the QSL cards from the WRONE members. The signatures of the hams certify that they have seen the QSL cards that correspond with the list submitted. 5. Cost is 2 postage stamps. Send list and stamps to Custodian: Betsey Sproles,KA1VAX, 17 Pleasant Street, Plymouth, MA 02360-3418 6. A Gold sticker is issued when another list is submitted with contacts listing the other three New England states--not shown on the original certificate.


This is a listing of some YL Nets

Sunday 7:00pm 146.76- (no pl) YL Net (Scituate, RI repeater)

Sunday 7:30pm 146.88 Vermont YL's (Killington repeater)

Tuesday 8:00pm 147.00+ SEMARA YL Net (pl 67.0) (W1AEC repeater in Dartmouth, MA)

Wednesday 8:30am 3.910 MHz Yankee Lassies

Wednesday 9:00pm 28.388 MHz

Thursday 7:00pm 146.910- 600 NoBARC YL's (repeater on MT Greylock)

Thursday 7:00pm on the KA1RCI 2 meter repeater network. Frequencies can be found at KA1RCI Rhode Island YL Net

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