CRA Repeaters

As our name implies, repeaters are what we do.  So here it is, the scoop on what we offer. All repeaters are open to all licensed amateur radio operators, as long as they abide by FCC rules and regulations, and CRA rules.  Of course, we appreciate the financial support of our members and encourage regular users of our repeaters to join the club so we can continue to maintain and improve the system.
147.09+ (PL 123) Downtown Cincinnati Flagship repeater.  DVR, Weather Net secondary frequency.  Wide area coverage.
146.70- (PL 123) Colerain Township Northwest Cincinnati
147.39+ (PL 123) Covington Western Cincinnati Coverage
146.76- (PL 123) Central Cincinnati Downtown Coverage
443.90+ (PL 123) Downtown Cincinnati

NOTE: As of 4/1/2003, we are in the process of adding PL to all repeaters.  Some are done, while others are pending.  This is not being done to limit access.  We feel that it is good radio practice to limit interference as much as possible.  So, to that end, we are proceeding with the PL project.  Since most radios now include PL encode (and many decode), the trustees feel that this should not be an undue burden on anyone.

This page last updated on 4/20/2005