CRA’s Echolink project in underway!
A new era in ham radio communications has arrived!

CRA is in the process of adding an Echolink gateway to our 146.70 repeater system.

This will make it possible to link CRA’s repeater to other Echolink equipped repeaters, links, and Ham’s PCs throughout the world via the internet. Now, CRA’s repeater system can be accessed from anywhere that the Internet reaches. There are more than 72,000 registered users in 129 countries worldwide using Echolink!

The possibilities are exciting!  Imagine working a repeater in Australia while driving to work!  Download the Echolink software and work CRA’s repeater from your PC at home or work!

Read more, or download echolink at:

Listen for the Echolink project, coming soon to CRA!

This page last updated on 4/1/2003