QUCS on Slacko Puppy Linux  Last Revised 4 August 2014

RF/Microwave Simulator for Slacko 5.7 Puppy Linux* .
This snapshot:
(Qucs- was compiled from QUCS and ASCO sources for Slacko Puppy Linux 5.7 (.txz package).
and includes ASCO Optimizer version 0.4.9 PLUS many example schematics, projects, and excellent documentation.

This Version:
    Directions and Hints for qucs-
  Note: We are now using the Puppy /Slackware package file format .txz which gives excellent compression.
HINTS: Depending on your Browser, try right click>"Save Link Target As..."  then direct it to your Downloads Directory
1) Start with either Full or Frugal Installed Slacko Puppy Linux (5.7 was used here). Get it from http://www.puppylinux.com/
2) Install   qt-4.8.2-i486-4.txz   from the Slackware Repo.  Otherwise it is also  here .
Just save it locally, once downloaded, click on it and install under the Puppy Package Manager (PPM) (click "YES").
3) Reboot Computer.
4) Download 
qucs-   Do the same as you did in steps 2 and 3 with Puppy Package Manager (PPM)  (click "YES").
5) You should be good to go. To start QUCS  "Menu>>Personal>> QUCS/ASCO Circuit Simulator"
     For a few qucs examples, "File>Open, look for qucs-0.0.18-i486examples". These should have installed under  /root/qucs-0.0.18-i486examples.

6) Lots more examples: Run QUCS, "Files>>Examples". That shows the locations for more schematics and projects. You can Copy/Paste these into /root/qucs-0.0.18-i486 examples also.
  a) Suggest that before running a simulation from QUCS menu "File>>Document Settings>> and unclick "open data display after simulation"
       if you want to put your results on the same page as the schematic.
  b) For ASCO to work, Check   "File>>Application Settings>>File Locations. Make sure the ASCO Path is:  /usr/local/bin .
7) From the QUCS Menu: Help>> (several selections). Much help and technical information easy to access.

RF/Microwave Simulator for Puppy Linux* .
Previous version (Qucs-0.0.16) was compiled from source for Puppy Linux (.pet package).
(Versions below good for 2.16-5+) . 
Note: Qucs is  running  fine on Puppy 4.3.1 (also 4.3.2 from ttuuxx)
         To download Puppy 4.3.1 (from repo) pup-431.iso

Also works on Quirky, Lucid, and SlackPup with Mesa library (see Note 5 below)

qucs-0.0.16-i486.pet includes
ASCO Optimizer version 0.4.7 PLUS example schematics .

Previous Version:

Directions for qucs-0.0.16-i486:

HINTS: Depending on your Browser, try right click>"Save Link Target As..."  then direct it to your Downloads Directory
            Also, seems to install with fewer problems if you download to /(root) directory and install from there instead.

1) Install qt-3.3.8.pet first. That's in the ftp://ibiblio.org  repository (from repo): qt-3.3.8.pet
2) Reboot Computer.
3) Download qucs-0.0.16-i486.pet 
      Found Here:  qucs-0.0.16-i486.pet
4) Install qucs-0.0.16-i486.pet, restart JWM (Joe's Window Manager), and you should be good to go.
     For qucs examples, "File>Open, look for qucs-0.0.16-i486_examples".
5) Are you running Puppy 5.0 series (as in Quirky 1.0+,Lucid 5.0+, or SlackPup 0.1+) ?
    You may need the mesa library: mesa-7.6-q1.pet

The Archives:  Note: To make room on this server, these will be deleted when Qucs-0.0.18 is a Release!

Follow the above instructions and substitute these previous versions for the current ones above.

Qucs/Asco 0.0.15 qt-3.3.8.pet

Qucs/Asco 0.0.14 qt-3.3.8.pet

Qucs/Asco 0.0.13 qt-3.3.8.pet

Qucs/Asco 0.0.12 qt-3.3.6.pet


  Puppy Linux

Find information and download this excellent Linux distribution (distro) by Barry Kauler,
This small distro runs efficiently on many old PC's right up to present day PC's.
The Puppy Linux Forum is a great support community.
Thanks to 'muggins' who helped me compile qucs! And to 'Semme' who helped me patch bison. 

73's , WN2A