This is the "Pop Gun" ham shack that I operate from. Nothing fancy, just plain and functional ICOM ham gear for the plain reason that it just works. Although, I have to say that I really like working SSB on the old 1964 Collins S-Line or the KWM-2. I am always impressed by the clarity of the signals heard on the 75S-3B and I like the true transceive operation of the two units. But, on CW I prefer my ICOM station.
So far, with this setup, and my trusty "RAINGUTTir" antenna system, I've been able to achieve WAS on 40M and 80M and just need 2 or 3 more states on most of the other bands (including 160M) to get to either 5 band or 6 band WAS.
I have the QSL cards for 5 Band DXCC and will be submitting those soon. I have confirmed 286 active countries so far and worked 301 (mixed).
My favorite mode is CW, and for this little station, and because of the very much compromised antenna situation I have, CW works the best.
I use a Dell Notebook computer and Logger software to keep my log book and for running various digital modes. I haven't quite transitioned to a completely computer controlled station yet. I probably will though, with the advent of buying a new HF radio capable of such controls. I'm still in the shopping mode on that issue.
Some times you may hear me using a HF remote station base. I like to operate it mostly late at night on 40M. I operate it on 80M, 20M and 10M too. This is the Boulder Amateur Radio Club's HF Remote Station and it is an incredible antenna site. Click on the link to take you that web page for more info.
So, if you hear me on, give me a call... 73 DE JACK WMG
Top row (L-R): Atwater-Kent "E" speaker; Atwater-Kent AK-27 AM receiver; Arvin AM radio; Airline AM radio.
Middle row (L-R): Radio Shack Pro- 2052 VHF/UHF scanner on top of Yaesu FRG-9600 VHF/UHF receiver. Autek QF-1 Q multiplier; Homebrew DSP and SGC PowerClear DSP on top of Collins 75S-3B receiver; HAM LBO-310 O'scope. Autek WM-1 computing power meter on top of Collins 32S-3 transmitter.
Bottom row (L-R): Heil Goldline twin cartridge mic; Icom IC-PS-55 pwr supply; Icom IC-745 XCVR; Icom IC-720 speaker on top of ETA Systems AC line pwr conditioner/sequencer; homebrew Island memory keyer; Icom IC-255A 2M XCVR on top of MFJ-1278 Multimode TNC; Alinco DM-120VT PS.
Desktop: - homebrew keyboard CW and RTTY keyer; Collins SM-1 mic; Vibroflex keyer; DELL 7500 computer.
top row (L-R): CW keyer and monitor; Cobra 23 ch. CB w/Electrovoice 950 mic on top; Heath SB-610 station monitor; Yaesu FRG-100 HF Communications receiver; National NBS-1 receiver in rack w/speaker.
bottom row (L-R): Collins 516F-2 power supply; Collins KWM-2 XCVR; Collins 30L-1 HF amplifier.
Desktop: Vibroflex "bug" and Astatic D-104 mic.