The GERATOL Net is a WAS net for Extra Class hams. The NET meets from October 1 thru April 30 on 3.768 MHz from 0300Z
Once you work and confirm all 50 states on The GERATOL NET, you will then receive this "Unbelievable    Operating Achievement Award" Certificate with your serialized GERATOL number. There are numerous other endorsements available to achieve as well.
GERATOL # 1292
 QCWA # 23218
      2/80 # 129
    NYTOL # 24
Here is my GERATOL number, my Director's number, my QCWA number, my 2/80 number (for working all 2 x 2 VE stations in all Canadian Provinces) and my NYTOL number which you will have to ask a senior member of The GERATOL NET about how to obtain one.
I recently received a GERATOL number for my Club's Call. The call for the Boulder Amateur Radio Club is WDK. The GERATOL number is #2369. All QSL requests should be sent to ME either DIRECT (no SASE needed) or through the GERATOL NET QSL BURO.