The NICKELL family genealogy page is THE web site for anyone researching this old and unique Scots-Irish family. My XYL, Mary descends from the NICKELL and MILAM families.
NICKELL Family Genealogy
A link to the Thomas NICKELL homestead at Nickell's Mill on Second Creek in Monroe County, West Virginia. Built in 1794 and is still owned by NICKELL family descendants.
This is the premier site for anyone researching the MILAM name. This family has been very much involved in the forming of this country from earliest Colonial times.
MILAM Family Web Site
Paul Geremia
My cousin, Paul Geremia, is considered to be one of the most accomplished acoustic Blues guitarists in the world. Paul specializes in playing the old Country Blues style of music. He can either play the songs of the past great Blues artists or from his extensive repertoire of his own Blues creations. Click on his picture or his name above and check his web site for his current tour schedule and his biography and reviews. For a discography of all of Paul's music go to:
Cheryl Arena
Another cousin of mine is also a Blues musician. Cheryl Arena grew up in the Boston area. She loved music from an early age and played several instruments before settling on the harmonica as her main focus, which she has been playing since 1987. She spent the first few years honing her skills on harp sitting in the drivers seat of a limousine, on the job, while waiting for clients. In 2005 Cheryl moved to Dallas, Texas finally realizing her dream of moving south to a warmer climate and finding more music work. Cheryl is working with several bands in the DFW metroplex.
Click on her picture or her name above to visit her web page for tour dates, bios and reviews.
Lisa Ciaccia - Freelance Artist
My daughter, Lisa Ciaccia is a promising young artist. She works in a few different mediums such as oils, acrylics and water colors. Many of her themes are of a patriotic nature, but not all. She has designed corporate and organizational logos as well as being commissioned to do portraits. A few samples of Lisa's work are on her web page. Just click on her name above and it will take you there.