The WG3E June 1999 VHF QSO Party Operation

The WG3E operation's location was chosen at the last minute. The site chosen was off Route 44 in Waterville, PA (about 10 miles north of Jersey Shore) in the Tiadaghton State Forest. If you wish to see the details, I have a screen capture from Street Atlas USA. The view was quite incredible. I operated from 2 PM to around 6 PM when the site was invaded by a swarm of tourists.

It's my belief that this was not the greatest location, as some local grids were hard to find. In addition, the antennas were only 10' off the ground, and I suspect the metal of the truck bothered them a bit. The final results:


I did not work my own grid--FN11--on 144 MHz, although I did on 50 MHz.
I did not work any adjacent northern grids FN02, FN12, FN22 on either band.
I did hear quite well some more distant grids, such as FN32 and FM16 but did not work them.

Down in the valley. Pine Creek is visible, as is Route 44, which is the light strip roughly paralleling the creek.The working part of the truck. I forgot I had loaned my extension cord to my sister so the generator wasn't too far away.
The two meter beam just wasn't high enough!Kind of hard to see, but there's a six meter beam in there. It wasn't high enough, either.
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