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An Early Look at WD4NKA
How it all began

What's New?
Upcoming Happenings

TubePad 5.0
A designing aid for homebrewing and web illustration.
This is a free download, on the House.

Rogues' Gallery
A look at Regenerodynes other folks are building


Project 1
A 1948 era One Tube Regen
Project 2
A 1958 era One Tube Regen
Project 3
The Original Regenerodyne
Project 4
A 'Q' Multiplying Mixer
Project 5
A '40s era MOPA
Project 6
A 1920's One Tube Interflex Receiver
Project 7
W5LET's Bare Bones Transmitter
Project 8
A Traditional Slat-Board Transmitter
Project 9
Reproduce a 1939 Meissner Regen
Project 10
Roll your own table top brake

Radio Rescuers Journal:

Entry #1
Entry #2
Entry #3
Air Piracy
Entry #4
Cat and Mouse
Entry #5
A True Story
Entry #6
The NC-125
Entry #7
The Legend of Chaucer
and the Boatanchor

QSL Card
My QSL printed by a
1903 Kelsey Excelsior
9 x 13 Handpress

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