Exhibit E

Jo's Regenerodyne

This page will link you to Jo's Regenerodyne project. Rather then me giving the narration, i think Jo can better describe what he made. Once again, i am very impressed with the creativity of folks adapting this circuit to suit their own needs and parts availability.

The link below will take you to his site, which will also contain a link to his schematic. Look carefully at it, because Jo has incorporated some nice design concept in his version, including a front end wave trap and 2 separate front end coils which switch in for either 80 and 40m, the other operating with the same tuning cap for 20m and higher. This radio is still undergoing some development, but so far, so good!

I might add here that Prof. Arnie Corro, of Radio Habana's "DX International", himself quite an avid fan of this circuit, will be making mention of Joe's project on his radio programme. Muchas Gracias, Amigo, for introducing your radio listeners to the Regenerodyne, and to the builders of these interesting devices. Just goes to show that the fun of 1930s and 40s radio building is alive and well in the New Millenia.

And Jo: Danke sehr fur alles. I will be looking forward to hearing from you again. Wiederschau!

Click here for Jo's Page