Camp Casey 1955
31st Infantry Regiment

Pictures sent by Terry Byrd, who was in the 31st Inf Reg in 1955 at Casey

This was in 54, when there was only tents set up.
Quonset Huts started to be installed in 1955.

Market Number 1 in TDC, 1955

Fall of 55. Shows mostly Quonset Huts now.

The PX was a large quonset hut until 1958

Bob Hope Show at the Bayonet Bowl

Roads North of Casey were not paved till late 60s.

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Camp Casey, 1953 through 1954

Camp Casey, 1955 through 1959

Camp Casey, 1960 through 1970s

Camp Casey 1980 - Present

Pictures of Korea during the 60s

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