Tuna Tin 2 Project

At 2:30 PM on 7-1-2001 Dave WØCH and I started assembling the Tuna Tin 2.

We first laid out the parts on a sheet of paper marked with the part#'s

We mounted the switch ,Bnc plugs,power jacks, and key jack

in the chassis.



We started plugging in parts in the board .

Winding toroids was not as hard as I thought it would be.

Removing the enamel from the wire before soldering was very important for proper soldering.

We first tried transmitting into a dummy load.Success!

We replaced R7 with a 1/2W 22Ohm value to increase the power from 250 to 350mw.

The next day at 2148Z I called CQ and Kurt NT0Q of Watertown,SD answered. Thats 558 miles on 350MW! Over a kilomile/watt. Isn't this a grand hobby?

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