"Home is where I want to be..." - Simon & Garfunkel

    Picture of the comets which bombed Jupiter. This was the Levy-Shoemaker comet cluster.

    When will the next string of comets be found?!  How close to earth will they be?!

WARNING !! Some of these MPG files are very large (and you may not want them to end up loaded on your hard drive.

Some of my "HOBBIES"
         - Observational 
         - ATM (amateur telescope making) 
         - Reading about cosmology
         - Design and build "modules" to 
           provide support to some of my 
           other Hobbies.
Glass bending 
         - High voltage, High Vacuum 
         - Neon/Argon lighting
Amateur Radio 
         - WD0CUJ (extra class) 
         - QRP (low power) radios
         - Lets go! 
         - Yes; I hive bees. 
Building Computers 
         - and interfacing them to real world 
           things (like door bolts, solar 
         - Sunsets, clouds, birds, weather 
         - Unidentifiable Objects 
         - EAA (experimental aircraft assoc.) 
         - AMA (model aircraft - radio 

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 Saint Albans Amateur Radio Club [STARC]


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F. Glick
POB 5104
Essex Junction, Vermont 05453-5104
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