Disecting an optical disk drive for salvage
It seems a shame to rip apart these wonderful machines just to:
a) find out what is inside
b) salvage a part or parts


There is some great stuff in these machines.
I had found a number of these surplus (no my source has dried up).
Some details :

Picture of the whole unit
Picture of the internal optics
Picture of the location of the laser diode

How to get inside
1) rip it open!
2) carefully remove the circuit boards
3) remove screws holding inner chassis to outer chassis
4) bend outer chassis metal off
5) remove as many screws as you can find from the chassis
6) remove cover from opto electronic section
7) remove laser diode, cut wires or desolder red & black wires
8) remove flex circuit with detectors
9) unscrew and remove most optics
10) cover pliers with tape and "tooth pull" out the glued in beam splitter and prisms
11) play with the slider!!! Hours and hours of fun!