Laser propagation information
Model information (see also links under atmosphere and propagation)

Atmospheric Absorbtion
Atmospheric Absorbtion - shows various effects of chemicals, gif
Atmospheric Transmittance - 0-22um, small gif
Atmospheric Transmittance - .3um-500mm, small gif
Atmospheric Transmittance - LARGE gif
Atmospheric Transmittance - same as above but PDF
Atmospheric Transmittance - Standard Atmosphere, gif
Atmosphere - Standard definition, part 1, gif
Atmosphere - Standard definition, part 2, gif
Eye Response to Wavelength
H2O - Pure Water Attenuation and Scattering, txt table
H2O - Water Vapor Concentrations at altitude up to 80km over years, gif
H2O - Water Vapor Mixing Ratio up to 80KM (rocket data), gif
IR filter - using film
Lidar Altitude Profile 0-110km
Range Calculating Spreadsheet (XLS office97 version)
Solar Spectrum, shows key lines, small gif
Solar Spectrum and Earth Shine from GOME
Solar Spectrum, LARGE textfile, uses CM-1 not wavelength, easy to put into Excel

Datasheets ( all are large PDF files)
LT024md - 30mW laser Diode
BurrBrown opt101 detector/amp
BurrBrown opt202 detector/amp
BurrBrown opt209 detector/amp
BurrBrown opt210 detector/amp
BurrBrown opt211 detector/amp - this is best!
BurrBrown opt301 detector/amp