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From: Steve Rogers ([email protected])
Date: Fri Feb 23 2001 - 00:45:17 PST

My original message may not convey my requirement. I shall have another

I believe that certain chip inductors are constructed such that depending on
which-way-up you mount them will change their inductance and Q slightly?
Unless you are 'doing your own thing' then generally a chip inductor (lets
say an 0805 package) will only be able to be mounted onto correctly sized
pads in 4 ways. Assume you are looking at a chip inductor mounted on a PCB
you could de-solder it and 'turn it over' (what used to be the top of the
inductor becomes the bottom and the bottom you can now see) this gives two
ways to place it. Also if you name one end of the inductor (a) and the other
(b) then name one of the pads (x) and the other (y) clearly you could
connect the inductor such that:-

(a) connects to (x)
(b) connects to (y)


(a) connects to (y)
(b) connects to (x)

This gives another two options making the total of four.

Now! what I want to know is.......

Will the inductor, when mounted in any of the four ways cited above have the
same Q and Inductance regardless of the way it is mounted? If the design of
the inductor has symmetry (round toroid say) we expect this to be the case.
However I believe that chip inductors (Multilayer, thin film etc) might not
have symmetry?

I hope I have now clarified what I am trying to find out???

Can anyone now help?

Again, all comments and suggestions are welcome


Steve Rogers

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