[SI-LIST] : Magnetic field of a solenoid

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From: Steve Rogers ([email protected])
Date: Mon Dec 11 2000 - 00:10:11 PST

Furthur to my earlier communication....

First my thanks to Peter, Micheal, George and Kim for your replies.

In reply to George.... I am only interested in air cored solenoids.

I believe I could write a mathcad program to get the information I need (??????). I assume that all I need to do is write code that does the following:-

Calculate the field at a point "p" due to turns 1.....n of the solenoid and sum the contributions
from each turn (this will be an addition of vectors). The field at "p" due to each turn will itself be calculated by splitting each turn into a number of small current elements and using the Biot and Savart law to find the field for each of the elements. I believe this approach would be valid and will allow the computation of the field at any point outside the solenoid. The only problem I can see with this approach is on of computation time? I will need a number of
points "P1......Pn"

Any suggestions are most welcome

Sadly I have no E-M solver at my location (I wouldnt know how to drive it anyway).


Steve Rogers

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