[SI-LIST] : SpecctraQuest Vs. XTK/XNS

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From: Michael Nudelman ([email protected])
Date: Wed Nov 08 2000 - 10:41:00 PST

Thanks for reply all of you, guys.

I'll try to answer with some extra information:

Todd, Arie, John, Tony, Griff, OJ:

I'm using Veribest, SCH capture and Layout (I mean, our layout group is
using their Layout tools).

That is why it is crucial the tool would work with VB output.

My signals are in two categories: 1) digital, CPU interface/clock trype
(so far up to 50MHz) and 2)Hi-speed, 2.5GHz, mostly difpairs.
And, honestly, with 2.5 GHz being point-to-point diffpairs and not
having much problems with them so far, it is mostly mundane 50MHz types
I'm trying to look at, though, of course, I'd like it to be full
spectrum analyzer.

Working with HyperLynx and with lots of digital boards over the time, I
found, that what matters most for me is the tool being convenient,
intuitive and powerful in the sense "can do all quick'n'easy without
busting your you know what about procuring unprocurable information
etc." The precision of the simulation though important, as strange as it
might sound is not #1 priority as long as it is not "minus 100%"
precision type. Jokes apart - well, 10% inaccuracy with MPC860 designs
would not be a showstopper - the device would work reliably and pass
Of course, "free precision" is welcome :-))))

What I liked about HL - at the time missing the manual, I was able to
start working with it on my own and quick enough.
If you miss IBIS models (at least 3 years ago I had difficulties
obtaining them from quite a few vendors) - it would give you a
quick'n'dirty substitutes that would give you fair idea what you are to


I just talked with Veribest (Mentor) salesman. The ICX is a Mentor's
instrument, that is not yet integrated in the VB and is expected to be
there by the end of the year. The salesman did not even have pricing or
anything to say about it - he said, it was undetermined ath this time.
It is supposed to complement the SignalVision that is a part of the VB,
but has some bug that prtecludes it from working with signals over

And, yes - I'm considering it.

If anyone has contact names in all the mentioned companies - would help
me a lot.

Thanks again for your quick responses. Mike.

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