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From: Ray Anderson ([email protected])
Date: Mon Aug 07 2000 - 11:17:45 PDT


Bandwidth/Frequency Response simulations are frequency domain simulations.
Typically done using spice or some other simulator that supports
frequency domain simulation (HP ADS, Touchstone, Compact, Vipec, etc.).
A network analyzer (either scalar or vector) makes these measurements
in the lab.

This sort of simulation can be used to determine the losses of a t-line
over a wide frequency range, the response of narrow band structures
(filters etc.), simulating the impedance profile of a power distribution
plane, and probably a multitude of other applications.

Just about any measurement that you might make in the time domain using
an oscilloscope or TDR has an analogous counterpart in the frequency domain.
Some phenomena are easier to visualize in the time domain while others are best
observed in the frequency domain. The fft and ifft allows you to transform between
them if you have measured or simulated data. Be careful though, as the Fourier
transform can easily lead you astray if it isn't applied properly. The rounding
on the edges of a fast rise-time signal that you might observe on a scope
are the result of the higher frequency components being attenuated. A transmission
line that causes such rounding of the edges would show more losses at high
frequencies when a frequency domain simulation or measurement is made.

As far as using Pads data as input to a freq. domain simulator, I'm not aware
of any, but then again I never had the need to look for one either.


> Anyone know what this is and how and what you use to do this sort of
> simulation? I have asked hyperlynx and did not have any luck. Are there
> companies that can take Pads data and simulate your designs for you?
> Regards,
> Sean Murray
> General Manager
> M&M Specialties Inc.

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