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From: [email protected]
Date: Mon Mar 20 2000 - 12:47:32 PST

To all SI Society interested parties:
We already have active modelers and SI engineers in the current EMC Society
(here in Silicon Valley). As most experienced EMC types know, there is a
close correlation between good EMC performance and good SI design. Good EMC
design techniques require good SI design practices along with many other

Back on the 17th, I recommended the possibility of starting a "monthly
roundtable meeting of SI Engineers to meet and exchange problems, concepts,
and experiences over a two-hour lunch" because this format has proven viable
and beneficial to a group of electronic systems consultants to which I
belong. The group (known as the Consultants Roundtable) has been successful
in raising the consciousness and timely knowledge of its members because
current trends, problems, and solutions (or concepts for same) have been
shared in a more intimate environment than is normally offered by
Society-level meetings. The participation by all attendees to identify and
discuss issues of interest to the group yields timely exposure to several
topics at each meeting. The two hour limit over lunch keeps the interest
level and productivity (of knowledge) high. Needless to say, the interaction
and synergism of new ideas that results from each meeting keeps its members
at the forefront of technology.

The Roundtable format dictates limits on the size of a group (e.g., 5 minutes
x 12 attendees = 1 hour). Further pursuit of the most interesting topics
easily eats up the second hour (in addition to individually ordering, eating,
and paying for lunch during the process).

Some food for thought.....

I know there are a fair number of SI engineers here in Silicon Valley;
however (and perhaps NOT universally known to the SI engineers), the existing
EMC Society routinely addresses modeling and SI issues as a matter of course.
 Because of this mutual coverage, the formation of a separate SI Society may
be unnecessary. Additionally, the planning, advertising/publishing of
agendas, arrangement for speakers (generally on only one topic), and
reporting requirements for a formal Society of the IEEE may not achieve the
learning efficiency (i.e., knowledge gained for time spent) that the
Roundtable format offers.

Roundtables can be established and scheduled in local areas (Boston, Dallas,
Austin, Seattle, Denver, Santa Clara, ....) at the drop of a hat. E-mail
contact (with confirming responses) are routine, efficient daily activities
between small groups of engineers; therefore, there is little wasted effort
in arranging a meeting, and there are no formal reporting or bookkeeping

If multiple Roundtables are established around the country, contact between
the groups could be made and items of common interest shared and discussed
via the current SI Reflector. As/if preferred, formal taking of notes (or
just summary comments) of topics discussed could be shared on the SI
Reflector for potential additional followup by others.

After some arbitrary trial period, and if desired by the supporters, a new
Society could be initiated.
In any event, there appears to be a growing interest in face-to-face SI
discussions with all its attendant synergistic effects.

Michael L. Conn
Owner/Principal Consultant
Mikon Consulting

*** Serving Your Needs with Technical Excellence ***

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