[SI-LIST] : Unusual System Glitchs

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From: Douglas C. Smith ([email protected])
Date: Sun Mar 19 2000 - 20:27:17 PST

Hi All,

We discussed at some length jingling change ESD and its
relation to system operation some time ago. Along that
line of unusual sources of system upset is multiple (up
to hundreds) of ESD events in cushions of office chairs
in the minute after a person rises from some chairs. The
energy is radiated from metal legs and has wreaked havoc
with many electronic systems, including those upon which
human lives depend.

I posted over the weekend my EOS/ESD Symposium paper titled
"A New Type of Furniture ESD and Its Implications" which
describes events of this type. The paper was awarded the
"New Phenomena" award by the Symposium in 1993, the year
it was published.

You can see the paper at www.dsmith.org. Page down to
"Technical Information and Downloads" and a link to the PDF
file is listed in that section.

The only evidence the events are happening is the EM fields
radiated from the chair. The events are hidden inside the
chair and not obvious to the person in the chair.

I would be interested in hearing other stories from the group
on system upsets caused by unusual immunity problems.


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