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From: Ray Anderson ([email protected])
Date: Wed Feb 02 2000 - 13:25:55 PST

While cruising around the floor at Designcon 2000 in
Santa Clara yesterday I had the opportunity to meet and
speak with a number of si-list subscribers.

One topic that kept surfacing was the need for a FAQ
(Frequently Asked Questions) document regarding SI topics.

Over the past months and years a tremendous volume of
good, cutting edge info regarding SI topics has passed
through the list. While this message traffic is archived
at a web site, it isn't always easy or convenient to go
searching through thousands of messages to find what you
may be looking for.

In particular, a good FAQ document would be very useful to
new subscribers who haven't been monitoring past list traffic
or even know about the archives. A good set of questions and
answers might eliminate the constant re-asking of the same questions.

So, if one believes a good FAQ would be beneficial for
whatever reason, we now have to ask: what are the really
pertinent questions and topics to put in the document, and
perhaps even more important, who is going to answer them.

A good number of appropriate topics and questions can be
identified by dredging through the past list traffic and
noting what continually has become a topic of discussion.
Probably the answers for some of those topics could be
extracted from the same archives.

I don't believe any one person has enough time to put all this
together (I know I don't), but the thought occured that if
a number of cognizant volunteers were each to handle a topic
and compile some sub-part of a total FAQ then we could merge
them all together into a composite document.

It would be sent out automatically whenever someone newly
subscribes, and would also be available on the web site.

With all of the verbage I've just written in mind, I'd like to
float the idea to the list and see what the general take is
on the idea. Perhaps list discussion stemming from this
will provide some topic areas and/or questions that people
feel should be included. And if anyone feels really strongly
about any particular area, they could volunteer their services
to write a bit of the FAQ (or not :)

So, what do you think ?????

-Ray Anderson
Sun Microsystems
defined, and

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