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From: [email protected]
Date: Thu Jan 20 2000 - 14:22:31 PST

I presently have an 8 layer board as follows:

sig top
internal 1
internal 2
sig bottom

We failed radiated emissions. All clock/fast signals were routed on
surface of board - since system is battery operated, ie keep the power
consumption down. Routing these signals on inner layers will draw more
power? Since we failed radiated emissions miserably, the plan is to now
bury the clock signals on the inner layers. Emissions exceeded - out to
7th harmonic of clocks (19.66MHz - from which the following clocks are
generated, 117.96MHz, 58.9824Mhz, and 29.4912MHz) Three other clocks
at 32.514MHz, 12.000MHz, and 24.576MHz. We are adding damping
 We are also adding 2 more signal layers to the board for the clock/fast
signals - impossible to route clock signals on either internal 1 or 2,
 also under a time crunch. I am looking for advise on the board stackup
for this now 10 layer board.

Stackup as planned

Sig top
pwr 3.3V
new layer for clocks/fast edge rates/repetitive
internal 1
internal 2
new layer for clocks/fast edge rates/repetitive
pwr 5V
sig bottom

Also checking into smaller decoupling capacitors - higher self-resonant
frequency - presently my board has all decoupling capacitors with 0.1uF

I have seen 10 layer stackups with pwr and grd layers separated by as
as 6 layers. I want to keep the pwr and grd layers close in my
for good board decoupling.

Please email me at [email protected] as I will be offsite from my
office for the next couple of weeks.


Gary Steinkogler

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