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From: Laurence Michaels ([email protected])
Date: Fri Jan 14 2000 - 06:58:06 PST

[email protected] wrote:
> Dear Gentleman,
> My company is in the process of evaluation several Signal Integrity Tools such
> as XTK, ICX and Hyperlynx.
> We eliminated Hyperlynx already. Our requirements are to design a 19 slot
> chassis ( main card, backplane and several plug in cards). We have several high
> speed (622Mbs) BLVDS buses, ethernet, gigabit, OC12, OC48, 128 MHz 64 bit DRAM
> buses (1Gig), PECL We are focusing on model support, easy of use, rules
> checking, what-if, multi-board, tool support.
> I would be interested in any feedback as to your experience in using these tools
> (Pros and Cons).
> Thanks
> Tony

Hmm... Why did you eliminate Hyperlynx? I've heard good things about
HLs ease
of use, which may turn out to be more important than feature set. If a
too hard to use, you may find your other engineers refusing to use it,
ignoring the results.

XTK experiences: positive, except for XFX3D tool (which should not be
until they show you it can do what you need it for). Ease of use was
low when
I first tried XTK, but has improved greatly since Viewlogic introduced
Viewlogic bought XTK almost a year ago, so the integration between
Viewdraw and
XTK has greatly improved.
ICX experiences: none. Mentor bought Veribest not too long ago, so
things may
change for the better in their Windows based tool-set.

I'd go with a simplified SI tool, so that your design engineers have a
way of
quickly checking a simple design, along with a more complicated
"simulate the
whole d**n thing, looking for problems" tool for the SI group (one
usually) to use on boards that may be problematic.

Welcome to the group, and beware the Ides of March,

Laurence Michaels

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