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From: Michael Vrbanac ([email protected])
Date: Mon Jan 10 2000 - 11:34:26 PST


Its simple. Experience with approaching this subject on a public forum is one of those
"never do that again" things. Its seems to bring out the worst in us. I'll be honest
about the "why" of the "obtuse reply". Its a simple teaching trick. Instead of
arguing with a "student" or "colleague", challenge them to think and don't make the
problem easy. Then they can answer the question for themselves, "own" their answers,
and be better for it. Sometimes in an open forum when folks with the "louder voices"
(and that could be you or me as well) can drown out the carefully thought reasoning
of a novice and we all will be the less for it.

Actually, I would love to give you the laboratory data but I don't own it and its not
in my possession and was never mine to give. In fact, there are several products
either in existence or have now been made "obsolete" over the years that depended
on either the 20H rule or some version of it. Proven success means more to me
than a mountain of papers describing otherwise. There are applications for it AND
I do concede that there are many instances where it use is just plainly is not necessary.

So let it stand as it is. If we want a specific thread devoted to the 20H rule, I might
participate if "cooler heads" could prevail but as you can guess, I am skeptical about
that. Even at that, though, I don't intend to get into the "shouting" matches I seen
before on this issue. I'd rather see us discover what it is good for and clearly define
where it is useful so we all can be better for it.

One last thing, if we could possibly do such a thing, it could become the prototype
for other types of discussions of similar nature.

Michael E. Vrbanac

Lee Ritchey wrote:

> Why the obtuse reply? Why not just present the data you have or the book you refer to? What is the point in the game playing?
> Lee
> Michael Vrbanac wrote:
> > Lee,
> >
> > I can explain it and have but I won't as I explained before. I have had laboratory
> > evidence but could not retain it as it was left at a previous place of employment.
> > Sorry! That was in accordance with my work agreement. And, of course, as
> > many have said to me before... "that's such a convenient excuse!" Again, sorry!
> >
> > As a consolation for those disappointed, I will give only one final hint. For those
> > who love simplicity, it indeed is. For those who love the complex, an important
> > piece of it can be seen in a section in a highly revered tome written by a well-
> > respected author but it is not in a form that you would normally expect.
> > After seeing that, and considering its implications, compelling supporting evidence
> > can be seen in many texts. ( Those of you who already know, don't give
> > it away! You'll spoil the learning experience for everyone else.) Ok, one more
> > hint and its the very last... and this I will credit to Michael Chan.... think of WHY
> > someone might have needed to do something like this, what they needed to
> > accomplish, and where it just might make some sense.
> >
> > Have fun! <grin> Hopefully, the search might prove fruitful for many looking for it
> > even beyond learning about the 20H rule and where it really applies. And maybe...
> > just maybe, we can "unscrew" one "screwy rule" AND we might just all be
> > in agreement about it!!!
> >
> > Once you figure it out, you will probably agree with me when I say that the 20H rule
> > may not provide significant benefit for every application in every design but it
> > does have its uses.
> >
> > Michael
> >

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