[SI-LIST] : Talk on "Simultaneous Switching Currents, noise and EMI"

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From: Hans Mellberg ([email protected])
Date: Fri Nov 05 1999 - 10:30:50 PST

The Santa Clara Valley Chapter of IEEE's EMC Society
(www.scvemc.org) is presenting:

Membership not required, all welcome

When: Tuesday, November 9th, 1999.

Where: Silicon Graphics’ Café Iris, Building 5, 2025
Stierlin Court in Mountain View, CA. Time 7:30pm -

Topic: "Modeling Simultaneous Switching Currents in
the Z-axis Direction of VLSI Packages and PCB's. These
currents are the primary source of SSO and EMI noise."

Speaker: Dr. Richard Wheeler

Details: Dr. Wheeler will show the importance of
modeling z-axis noise in VLSI packages, sockets and
PCB's. This noise, also known as SSO noise, is a major
contributor to high performance system failure during
debug and bringup due to inadequate modeling or noise
analysis during design, as well as a source for EMI.
The talk will:
1. Show a theoretical basis for SSO models.
2. Include examples for SSO reduction in VLSI
3. Discuss why thick PCB's are a major contributor of
SSO noise.
4. Present a quantitative example using SPICE models
to illustrate methodology.
5. Give practical suggestions to simplify models and
shorten computer computation time.
6. Discuss Conclusions.
7. Q&A.
Dr. Wheeler started his own consulting business,
Wheeler Enterprises, in Nov. 1996, after managing R&D
departments at Hewlett Packard Laboratories and
Fujitsu Computer Packaging Technologies. He played a
key role in inventing a new type of interconnect
between VLSI chips and PC boards. The new interconnect
will allow computer CPUs to operate at clock
frequencies well above 1000 MHz. He developed the
tools to predict and measure the hardware performance
and submitted thirteen patent disclosures relating to
high speed interconnect.
He is currently a consultant to mid and senior level
management regarding CMOS design, signal integrity and
VLSI packaging issues. He has over 26 years experience
in industrial management, research, and hardware
development including:
-Employee 5 in startup company, managing R&D activity.

-Technology design of high speed super computers,
mainframes and workstations.
-Bipolar and CMOS circuit, process and equipment
-High-speed networking: physical layer and OS
-Authored 14 patents and a technical paper.
-Ph.D. in E.E. and Solid State Physics. He can be
located at: http://www.wheeler.com

Best Regards
Hans Mellberg
EMC Consultant
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