[SI-LIST] : Micro Noise Part 2

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From: [email protected]
Date: Fri Nov 05 1999 - 09:47:44 PST

Hi folks,

first, thanks for the suggestions about what to do with the micro noise.....
We have some things to try, I'll share what I find out.

One of the things I'd like to try is arranging the PWB layers a little

I have a 4 layer board ( I have no say, as usual ), The first design was

Layer 1 Component, Pads, some routing.
Layer 2 Power
Layer 3 Ground
Layer 4 Routing

I'm not keen on this arrangement because traces ( including addres/data etc.
) are forced to go from layer 1 to 4 to get from A to B. I believe passing
any trace trough a plane should be avoided if possible...... Even though I'm
only running a 50 MHz clock! So, what if I do this?:

Layer 1 Component, Pads, some routing.
Layer 2 Routing
Layer 3 Ground
Layer 4 Power

Thoughts why I suggest this:

1) I have to have all parts on the top surface, hence must have pads there.
2) I have to have some 200 test points on the lower surface, if this were
ground plane, I'd carve it up big time. I believe that I'd rather have ground
on Layer 3 and more intact, since the chips can have a decoupling cap sharing
the power pin pad to make up for crappy power plane.
3) By making Layer 3 ground, the traces keep closely coupled, faster traces
will route layer 2 to increase this effect.
4) The card adjacent to layer 4 is an I/O card, it has Fast Transient Burst
noise up to 4 kV, and could carry switching noise out on wiring. The
ground/power layers will help shield layers 1 and 2 from this.

I've not seen this lay-up suggested much, but it looks like it could work. So
before I go ahead and try it I thought I'd bounce the idea.....




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